BLACK OATH – To Finally Unleash “To Below And Beyond” This Fall


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Hailing from Italy’s second largest city Milan, cursed Rock Musick ensemble BLACK OATH is finally set to unveil a new full-length output, three years after their last and most current studio attempt, 2013s “Ov Qliphoth And Darkness“, entitled “To Below And Beyond”.

Black OathTen years after they started their sonic path in the catacombs of their hometown and after some internal changes – e.g. parting ways with former bassplayer Paul V. – BLACK OATH present a very matured sound with the first two single tracks “Wicked Queen” and “Healing Hand Of Time”, that are part of a concept album, as mastermind recently revealed in an interview with Occult Rock Magazine: An alchemic and deep research ,which is needed to reach highest levels of spirituality.. I made a sort of story with as final result the fall of men.. There’s a sentence in the booklet of the album which represent the perfect concept of the whole work.. I will let you find it by yourselves. (…)The concept behind the band is the same even if music evolved and became much more mature. We worked a lot on every single track and we made a hell of an album !For the first time in almost ten years i can say i am 100%satisfied and would not change anything on it ! We are ready to lead you below and beyond.”

After the publication has been delayed, the decision the put out at least the “Wicked Queen” single was a step to be made, but this time not in form of an EP, but through a label compilation, Elektroplasma Musik made. Now (Vocals/Guitars/Bass), Bon R. (Guitars) and Chris Z (Drums) are set to spread the word of “To Below And Beyond” via the following means:



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