JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES – Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes


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A long time has passed since the release of the first album, as the years have been moving on so fast.

The family of JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES has been quite busy still, as at this moment we are preparing for the upcoming studio session, which will start two weeks from now. Studio 33 will act as our home for the time to come, and we couldn’t be more happier. It’s like our own local Abbey Road, so our live spirit will surely be enchanted to it’s best. The producing will be done by us, as we are entering the studio with a vision most clear. We’ll act as the soldiers of forbidden love and do everything in our power to make this next coming worth the wait.

Photo credit: Jarkko Pietarinen

“Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes” will be released through the ever so eerie Svart Records somewhere inside this trippy year of 2015.

Second important thing to mention is that the seven has turned into six. Von Stroh continues his worldly explorations inside a different scene within the future, and we truly wish that the Lady Fortuna will embrace him kindly. May he walk with ease on the journeys ahead. No drama, no rock star shit. Just life. Thank you for the past years dear old friend.

…And we’ll remain as six now.

This was the first intermission of Radio Aquarius. Tune in.


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