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As the Summer seems to fade before it even really got started, I remember what might have been the only true Summer Weekend of this year: Stoned From The Underground. We had quite a good time, the sun was really busy all the way from Friday to Sunday and everybody was so nice! Thanks a lot especially to the Catering Crew who made the best job and kept the whole Backstage Bunch happy.

The only dark cloud that is now hanging in our skies is the really sad bathing accident, having one visitor drowning in the close by lake. He died on Saturday after being rushed to the hospital ā€“ he was just 21. My thoughts are with his Friends and Family. And of course all First-Aid Attendants, who did their best for such a long time. My Boyfriend and I even became witnesses of this incident, as we wanted to put our feet into the cooling water sometime around noon. This shows how fragile ones life is and how much we shall value it.

Sunset at Stoned From The Underground

My personal Highlight: Jex Thoth
Just a few days after SFTU we meet again with Church of Misery