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Female Fronted Metal is rising more and more these days. Especially within the extreme Genres like Death/Brutal Death or Doom. US-based three-piece formation SKELETAL SPECTRE present a razor-like mixture, with cutting Edges, epic Intermissions and a Voice unlike anything you heard! Vocalist Vanessa Nocera took time to answer my questions.

It has been two years since your Debut Album „Tomb Coven“ has been released, what has happened during this time?

Vanessa: Time flies, that’s for sure! Some obvious line-up changes have occured – including me joining the band. I was around for the creation of the first album. I contributed lyrics and art concepts, but I didn’t perfom on it. It was an honor to be asked to front this band since „Tomb Coven“ was one of my favorite Razorback releases; it still is!

An Improvement is quite obvios concering the overall Sound of the current Output – was there a different approach to „Occult Spawned Premonitions“?

Vanessa: Musically it’s a little more sonic than the first, but I think the style is pretty similar. Maybe there is more heavier riffs this time, and my mix of growling and clean vocals brings a different approach to the music.

How did you three came together in the first Place?

Vanessa: Well, I knew the guitar player and I wrote lyrics for the first album as well as helped out with concepts for the artwork. He really liked my vocals for SCAREMAKER and WOODEN STAKE and asked if I wanted to join SKELETAL SPECTRE as the lead vocalist. I was thrilled at the chance and I’m really proud of what I did on the new album!

Vanessa, you also play in several other Bands (SCAREMAKER: guitars/bass/lead vocals WOODEN STAKE: all vocals/bass and LOATHSOME: bass), how do you cope with that much activity in addition to being married?

Vanessa: Music is really easy for me because I’ve been doing it for a long time. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 11, and I’ve been singing since I could speak. What makes doing music even more easy for me now is having band members who are reliable and commited. For years it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to practice, much less record. My husband, Billy, is here every step and helps me record sometimes, so it all works perfectly.

In the high vocal ranges one might find a slight resemlance to former Serpent Cult Singer Michelle Nocon, while the rough Sound is very independent. How do you respond to such a comparison?

Vanessa: I’ve never heard that band, so I’m not really sure what to say or think! I’m just happy that people enjoy my vocals for all my bands and I’m glad that my vocals for Skeletal Spectre are being heard by lots of European metal fans more and more each day! I’ve heard many other comparisons as well, but I think I have my own style and approach to vocals.

Speaking of your variable Voice, did you ever take vocal lessons?

Vanessa: I’ve never had vocal lessons. I have always been able to exorcise my emotions vocally whether it be singing, growling, screeching, etc. I have tapes dating back to when I was 10 and 11 where I sound the same as I do now. Ha! I’ve read books on proper vocal performance that has helped along the way, but again, I’ve never had formal lessons.

What do you guys plan for the near future, any chances to see you on Stage in Europe?

Vanessa: Our immediate plans are to start work on the third album which has kind of already happened. We would LOVE to play live one day and we’re hoping the offer is extended our way! We would take full advantage of it!

Are you allready working on a Follow-up to „Occult Spawned Premonitions“?

Vanessa: Yes, actually. I have many of the concepts written for it and we have some killer art by Adam Geyer that we want to use for the cover. The album will be more of a concept album as opposed to „Occult Spawned Premonitions“; it was more focused on tales of spirits seeking revenge. The central concept for the next album will be a Voodoo theme, and the other band members are requesting more clean vocals on this one so it should be pretty interesting.

Any final Words, Whishes, Curses you have for us?

Vanessa: Thanks to everyone who has supported and shown interest in Skeletal Spectre! We have more in store for you guys, so keep your eyes peeled! Add us on facebook as well!

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