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Everything is just right here, from the nifty Digipack, the song length, to the most delightful sound of a self-production. The debut of finnish Proto-Doom band Vinum Sabbatum is published as a 5-track EP. The total duration of barely 30 minutes might be too short for a full-length album, but with an average of about 5:40 minutes in any of the songs, you won’t get bored. With its blend of classic Sabbath-bond and Hammond organ, this five-piece entourage hits the nerve of time.Although more and more musicians ride on the retro-wave, Vinum Sabbatum are able to emphasize well from the crowd not least by the charismatic voice of singer Janne Salo.
Just before in 2012, the first professional studio album is released, the band has a re-release of “Songs From The Convent” out on their German label “Eyes Like Snow”. Whether the new versions and artwork (inspired by “Sexual Witchcraft” on the first edition) will be even better remains to be seen.

Higly recommended: Demon Dance, which proves the band’s catchiness potential.

Hardly available outside Finland, re-release coming up soon thanks to the new recordlabel. For fans of Blood Ceremony and Jex Thoth an absolute must-have and maybe even the next big thing!


1. Demon Dance (Chorea Sancti Viti)

2. Witch Woman

3. Angel Of Mourning

4. Rambling Dues

5. Sunrise Of Tomorrow


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