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Far beyond any retro trend Swedish RISE AND SHINE started paving their way in the early 90s and with their fourth album yet “Empty Hand” they present a unique mixture of 70s Psychedelic, Heavy Rock and Doom.
The specific component distinguishing the quartet from similar bands can easily be heard: Vocalist Josabeth Leidi.
Her unique voice – somewhere between Janis Joplin and Marienne Faithfull – with lots of pathos bequeath a sense of nostalgia, still leaving enough room for contrast.
The instruments fade into the background in favor of the vocals, but nonetheless are still present. A guitar solos every once in a while, groovy bass and untamed drums offer the perfect basis for the siren.

During the overall of the 10 songs it might get a little demanding to listen to just this aspect, though song structures are balanced. 45 minutes are somewhat long.

Fans of Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane and also Serpentcult (WITH former singer Michelle Nocon) will find their greatest pleasure with RISE AND SHINE. Buy “Empty Hand” and your hand shall be no longer empty.


1. Empty Hand

2. Empty Words

3. In The Arms Of Death

4. I Don’t Belong

5. Someone Else’s Share

6. King Cliff

7. Harmony And Noise

8. Dirty Tricks

9. Another Troubled Mind

10. Too Much, Too Fast, Too Loud


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