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The phenomenon All-Girl-Band might appear new to many, but in fact there have always been bands with only female musicians in it. Besides singing and dancing Girlgroups many where real rockin’ Babes, that played all instruments and wrote their own songs – covering all Rock genres.

One of these bands were The Daughters Of Eve. Thanks to other enthusiasts a pretty well-documented history is present up to this day. Formed around Christmas of 1965, the bandfaced many line-up changes. If you want to learn more, check out Debi Pomeroy’s Memories on Spectropop.

And now enjoy The Daughters Of Eve in the course of time.

Line-up #1: Debi Pomeroy, Judy Johnson,
Marsha Tomal & Andee Levin

Line-up #2: Marilou Davison, Debi, Marsha & Judy

Line-up #3: Marsha, Debi, Judy and Lori Wax

Marsha, Debi, Lori, Judy

Debi, Marsha, Lori & Judy

Debi on Drums