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The Beat Chics, a presumably British All-Girl Group with all members in their twenties were active in the years 1963 – 1967.

The Beat Chics, London 1964

We’ve had everything else, it seems. Now it’s the girls’ turn. The turn of The Beat-Chics – six girl graduates of the Ivy Benson Band.All are professional musicians, who can read, write and score music and, judging by this picture, do all their own portering.They are to appear at The Cabaret Club in Manchester.Left to right: Moira Page, 23, saxophonist, from Dublin; Christine Lee, 21, drummer, she’s from Colchester, Essex, Mary Cullen, 23, organist, from Limerick, Eire; Una Mellor, 23, bass guitarist, from Sevenoaks, Kent; Lesley Arden and Anne Bridgeman, 23 year old lead guitarists.

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