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After the mandatory starting problems, the second day of this years’ Hammer Of Doom Festival on October 29th seems to be much of a promising event. The only downer for today has been CATHEDRAL‘s cancellation for their headline show, due to the fact that the band refuses to share stages with THE DEVIL’S BLOOD (who are known for using pig blood purchased at a local butcher…). Considering the fact that Lee Dorrian is a convinced vegetarian, one might be able to understand his decision. Still, with the band doing a farewell tour this does not make their absence any better…but here we go anyway.

Cathedral shirt backprint

At our arrival at about two in the afternoon DEVIL are in the midst of their set and the venue is crowed allready at this rather early time. The Posthalle in Wuerzburg appears quite dark and stuffed with records sellers, whose high prices at the end of the month make me wonder how they make profit at all. On the other hand it’s a nice opportunity to do something while waiting for “your” band to play and to stay awake despite the lack of light and oxygen.

Orchid’s charming singer Theo

Sometime between NOMAD SON and THE 11TH HOUR me and my pals leave the location and enjoy the autumn sun and finally some real food. At 5pm the first highlight of the day enters the stage: ORCHID have not only travelled all the way from the US to southern Germany, but it seems that they also travelled through time with their hippie like cloths, hooped cables and vocalist Theo Mindell acting like a very young OZZY OSBOURE. I am just delighted and the audience all around clearly agrees. Mark Thomas Baker (Guitar), Keith Nickel (Bass) and Carter Kennedy (Drums) keep up to Theo easily and their passion for occult 70’s Rock and Metal fill the entire place. The foursome presents a mixture of their current outputs (“Through The Devil’s Doorway” and “Carpicorn”) and also new material to be released on the upcoming album which is scheduled for April 2012. After just fourty minutes the show is over and I guess I’m not the only one who can’t wait for these guys to return to Europe!

Following is Malta’s FORSAKEN with a frontman being some sort of DIO version with a BLACK SABBATH shirt…THAT was weird! Unfortunatly his taste of music does not make the band sound good to my ears. But this being a matter of taste, contrary opinios appear to be plenty and we take another chance to get some fresh air.

Blood Ceremony favour ears and eyes

Finally the second highlight of the days enters the stage: BLOOD CEREMONY finish their European tour on this very evening. After seeing them in April, expectations are high and this show turns out to be overwhelming as well. Canada’s hottest Rock export truly enchants the international audience with retro sounds and their very talented female fronter Alia O’Brien. It’s a real pleasure to see how she and Sean Kennedy (Guitars), Lucas Gadke (Bass) and Andrew Haust (Drums) play together as a union. Especially the songs from their latest album “Living With The Ancient” are well recieved but also the Self Tiled debut certainly has it’s place in countless record collections. As sure as anyone watching, the band has a great time tonight. “I’ve never had an audience with so many people making out while we played“, bassplayer Lucas points out after the show. 45 minutes pass way to soon and the next act YET SO FAR with a special German Show can hardly keep my interest.

Another hour runs before tonights’ headliner THE DEVIL’S BLOOD fills the stage with musicians, equipment and backdrops. The highly awaited Pre-Release Show ends up as a stiff set with way too many new songs and everlasting red lights, that make it very hard to get good pictures if your camera does not cost a fortune. Especially after seeing this band in much smaller places and at the beginning of the hype they caused, I can say that I’ve seen much better performances than the one tonight. Disappointed visitors are leaving while the rest is totally into the ritual. I am somewhere between those views, but glad to be on the way back before the show ends…

Altogether a great day with some real peaks and just a few weak points!


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