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An apparition of a young Ozzy Osbourne, psychedelic music swells in the background, heads are banging – suddenly you wake up and realise the 70s are over BUT still it was no dream.


This foursome creative collective delivers about everything retro&occult, yet manages a very unique outcome. Cleary much of their recognition are the vocals of Theo Mindell, the ever charming centre of attention. Still none of the other three members – Mark Thomas Baker (Guitar), Keith Nickel (Bass) and Carter Kennedy (Drums) – has to hide behind him.

On stage and in the studio this band works in unison unlike a huge part of those who try to get a piece of the retro pie. The bands’ first full-length album “Capricorn” has a more yearningly touch to it, compared to the 2009 EP “Through The Devil’s Doorway” which has a quite forwarding momentum. If this development is “right”, one might figure out him – or herself. As for me, the atmosphere is just right. With all tracks together making a duration of almost an hour, you have to slow down every once in a while. The first fuzzy “half” is an invitation to all headbangers, then it all goes “Down Into The Earth” and in the end the “Albatross” slowy disappears.

The best approach is always to regard the work as a whole and as a result of a certain span: The songs on “Capricorn” are like the memory of a summer and I can picture Scott McKenzie handing out flowers to the people passing by. Considering ORCHID‘s origins it all makes sense and if you can: Grab yourself a tambourine, take the next ride to San Francisco and go with the flow, but beware: This music is highly addictive!

I could not pick one song to name as the ONE hit, cause all nine tracks are special and altogether they make the album complete. But I guess the titletrack “Capricorn” is most memorable.

ORCHID currently are recording their follow-up album, due for release in early 2012.

And as for some trivia: Vocalist Theo works as a (tattoo-)artist and also made the cover artwork for “Capricorn”.


1. Eyes Behind The Wall

2. Capricorn

3. Black Funeral

4. Masters Of It All

5. Down Into The Earth

6. He Who Walks Alone

7. Cosmonaut Of Three

8. Electric Father

9. Albatross


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