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On 11 – 11 – 11 I acquired two tokens of entry for the ritual on 12 – 11 – 11, conceiving the numbers 11 and 12. Entering the unholy halls of Club TuRock, infamous for it’s atmosphere.

None other than the Release of “The Thousandfold Epicentre”, the latest creation of THE DEVIL’S BLOOD shall be praised on this very night. Summoned devotees fill the place before passing the doorway, where inside all is crowded.

First to step upon the stage are the young yet convincingly furious IN SOLITUDE. This gathering of Swedish souls does not only leave – burnt – ashes, but far more do they share an altar with tonights protagonists. Ritual blood in their vocalists face and a fox on his shoulders complete the picture. Some of those present seem to have come here but for the opening act, making the temperature rise ever so high. Like a force of nature is not only the performance of IN SOLITUDE: Their sound appears much like a rough and dirty landescape with the feedback of the air. The beauty of the band’s second output “The World. The Flesh. The Devil” might get lost to a certain extent. One should consider listening to theirs tunes on records, be it vinyl or any other kind!


“The World, The Flesh, The Devil”

“We Were Never Here”


“To Her Darkness”

“Poisoned, Blessed and Burned”

“Witches Sabbath”

A short interlude of stage recreation marks the nearing appearance of the Ritual Master (S.L.), the Siren (F.) and their entourage. After the disillusionment which the Pre-Release Ritual at Hammer Of Doom Festival some two weeks before, became for me, this would become a memorable night for many reasons. Nothing compares to a club show and this venue is just perfect for both band and audience. Although I miss some of the early tunes like “The Graveyard Shuffle”, finally the new ones seem to get to me.

Even if not everyone around enjoys this as much as I do, those who call themselves “fans” will not regret a second of it. The action onstage is modest as ever, still inviting no too many to join this: Hands and heads are rushing to the sky, bodies in motion and the air seems to burn.

Calling it a “Ritual” raises expectations to the unexpected, still the evening has a predetermined sequence, interrupted only by some jam parts here and there. At least the Siren herself kneels infront of the altar as her voice is not needed in those parts. And not to forget the praising hands in position for minutes and minutes to come, one only keeps up to this if truly convinced!



“Unending Singularity”

“On The Wings Of Gloria”

“River of Gold”

“Fire Burning”

“The Thousandfold Epicentre”

“House of 10,000 Voices”

“Die The Death”

“The Heavens Cry Out For The Devil’s Blood”

“Rake Your Nails Across the Firmament”


“Voodoo Dust”

“The Madness of Serpents”

“Christ or Cocaine”

Pictures kindly provided by Daniel Horlbogen