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The apocalyptic first recordings from the much anticipated 8th studio LP from ELECTRIC WIZARD will be released as a vinyl only 7″ on March 31st at their forthcoming LONDON FORUM show. It is the first of a number of vinyl only releases set to promote the , as yet, untitled and unfinished LP. Recording of the new LP has already commenced but will not be completed until later this year and as a result the band have decided to release certain songs and exclusive B-sides on the vinyl format. The A-side ‘Legalise Drugs and Murder’ is a cathartic anthem for the ‘lost’ generation, a gargantuan 70s styled Doom Stomper and the perfect 7″ single. Ultra-catchy and featuring the bands trademark ‘wall of fuzz’ sound, topped with an evil, sneering vocal.

The band had a few words about the ‘controversial’ subject matter “…the new song is a definitive statement on the ELECTRIC WIZARD cult…we demand total freedom and revolution….man, things have got bad , the world is evil….” and on the development of their sound “…it has to be primal and violent, y’know cos we wanna get to people..and it had to be anthemic to inspire revolutionary thoughts. We wanted to be SLADE and SABBATH meets the Baader-Meinhoff Gang…”

The B-side is an even more twisted journey. Inspired by deranged eurohorror/giallo soundtracks of the 70s , ‘Murder and Madness’ is a claustrophobic meditation on the themes of the A-side. A paranoiac brooding number created with vicious wah guitar and discordant organ and piano that rises in intensity to a crescendo of sadism.Yet again ELECTRIC WIZARD raise the bar of Doom Metal in just two songs from super-heavy 70s glam rock stomp to a purely visceral and sadistic art rock experience.

Raise your fists with ELECTRIC WIZARD and scream “Legalise Drugs and Murder’ on March 31st….Also available soon are new t-shirt designs via the bands online shop at Big Cartel.


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