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Feeling wasted but awesome after a totally insane night out in the BIG City Berlin, I only returned about an hour ago. It was a 34-hours trip and there was not a moment I had to regret!

Regards to everyone who made this the best night in 2012 so far. But first things first: I got at about 5am and was going to catch a train at 7:42am. When I arrived at the station I had to find out that my train has been cancelled due to some construction work going on. After I went back to my place for about an hour or so I took a train that got directly to Berlin. Since I’ve been there some times before I knew where to use a public restroom for free and of course the famous places to visit on very short trips. The location for the evening had the spirit of an asian restaurant, not so much due to the fact that they serve food but because of the decoration in- and outside.


Sigiriya during their Soundcheck

Sigiriya had to shorten their opening set but that made no difference for the atmosphere on and in front of the stage. The band from Wales played a mixture of old stuff, songs from the current album “Return To Earth” and new material. The audience showed its appreciation by headbanging along with each song. For sure thirty minutes always pass way to fast but with further dates set or flights to catch for all of the three bands any delay might have turned into a real problem. While there was much room for going crazy during Sigiriyas show the venue seemed to almost burst as Lord Vicar entered the stage. The legacy of Reverend Bizzare was pleasing the crowed so much there was a heavy smell of weed filling the air. The true highlight of the night was yet to come. Orchid proved to be the right choice for the headline position: You could hear the words to every song among the fans. Temperatures were rising within the cause of a minute. In the end it was like a Rock’n’Roll Sauna and everyone was happy. Besides a kind of best of from their first EP “Though The Devil’s Doorway” and the current album “Capricorn” they also performed new songs.

Although there was a somewhat strict curfew to make way for the party that followed the concert some metal heads and rockers stayed untill 3:30 in the morning. Just a great night!

Thanks to everyone who made it so special.


On the way to Berlin Central Station the morning after

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