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The heat and dust of famous Rock Hard Festival hardly fell on the landscape surrounded by industrial culture as the Queen of Doom was due to enter a true cult temple just a few townships away from the city of Gelsenkirchen. Oberhausen was one of the last destinations scheduled for the „Purify With Pyra Tour 2012“, presented by Stage Secrets Management, on this rainy thursday concluding the month of may. As a – more or less – local support Cologne’s Gallons Of Mud have been confirmed shortly for the settled date and the regional underground scene between the rivers Rhine and Ruhr arose with such great an honour.

For once luck was not on everyone’s side and after some sick maniac stole all FOUR tires of GOM’s drummer further complications had to be faced with the threesome forced to bring all their own equipment. To make this already long story short(er): The band did not make it to the gig due to a lack of transportation options.

Expectations where still high, for those who saw Jex Thoth play a few days earlier alongside the Rhine-Herne Chanel with a rather mushy sound and for all those who had to wait for way too long to witness a ritual in an appropriate surrounding. The former club Saint with its sacred seeming interior is more than just appropriate for tonight, it is perfect. Besides this, the audience has to wait for the band to arrive for about an hour and a half. All musicians appear tired and worn out from touring Europe for almost a month by now.

She is really heating things up!

But patience sure is a virtue and worth while: After the mandatory soundcheck and the mistress still missing, lights turn low and from the first tone one can tell we have a bunch of professionals on stage. Burning candles, red&blue light and wooden fumes fulfill the audience and create an almost transcendent atmosphere. Though more heads are moving slowly and wont let the long hair fly high the show is enthusiastically accepted by all. By the time “Separated At Birth” is alluded the entire hall fully lives in the moment. Just the right moment to leave for a short break before the encore.

The new guy: One for the ladies!

The setlist included songs from the two EPs „Totem“ (2009) and „Wittness“(2008), their self-entitled full length debut album (2011) and three new tracks. For those present that have witnessed other rituals the fact that vocalist Jessica likes to light antique sandalwood is not the news, but eating and offering REDISH to the audience was quite a surprise to most of them (including myself). Furthermore she transforms her spirit onto her fellow musicians: Drummer Nick Johnson, Guitarist Matt Jacobs, Bass player Danny Gonzalez and the replacement for a most sympathetic Swiss man Nico!

Pretty from the back: “Sexy Jexy”

Two things remain absent: Guitarist Nico Kain and “Warrior Woman”. Nonetheless it was a really great evening for the band and their fans!


Obsidian Night


Luna Moth Speaks


Raven Nor The Spirit

Slow Rewind

Nothing Left To Die


Separated At Birth


Stone Evil