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Tomorrow marks the first month since the self titled debut of Jess and the Ancient Ones was delivered to us all through Svart Records. The seven-piece force is sure to prove that Vinum Sabbatum won’t be the only finnish band to do something far from Melodic Death Metal, the country has become much famous for. The concept clearly isn’t knew, with three guitars featured in Dutch masters of ceremonies The Devil’s Blood along side female vocals. Bot no one is obliged to reinvent the wheel to create a good song, like JATAO are obviously capable to do. Ever since Thomas Corpse – Lead guitar – and Thomas Fiend – Lead guitar & backing vocals – called this entity to life in early 2012 they explored the vast realms of Rock and Heavy Metal from the 70s and 80s and covered it with their own magical note.

As the two Lead guitarists and founding members team up with vocalist Jess, Rhythm guitarist Von Stroh, Bassist Fast Jake, Keyboarder Abraham and Drummer/Percussionist Yussuf they create a cryptic and powerful atmosphere. Most of all, unlike many other fellow bands they play a straight and yet upbeat tune. They won’t fiddle around much for minutes but go right for it, thus making even tracks with over ten minutes duration greatly diverting. Jess’s voice strongly relates to the other instruments and ranges somewhere between clear and itchy, sanity and complete madness or just driven by emotions.

JATAO’s debut single “13th Breath of the Zodiac” was released in October 2011 and it’s B-side contains a cover of Coven’s “White Witch of Rose Hall”, pointing out one band that could be named a main influence. Furthermore the lyrics are based upon the personal occult experiences of the writers. The seven musicians and their respective share work together like spices in an experimental recipe, where each ingredient adds to the whole taste and still one is able to taste it. Direct comparisons with other groups, I will spare you, because each one is unique and special in their own way and in the field of female singers, everyone should be credited for their very incomparable quality! Anyway I shall list a few as in “If you like one of these, you should check out JATAO”:

Blood Ceremony with whom JATAO already shares stages with, Jex Thoth, The Devil’s Blood, Purson, Vinum Sabbatum and I could go on for quite a while but I rather you just listen to it yourself.

The debut album is available on Vinyl as a six-track version and CD, with “13th Breath of the Zodiac” as a bonus track via Svart Records. My personal favourite is “Sulfur Giants (Red King)”.


1. Prayer for Death and Fire

2. Twilight Witchcraft

3. Sulfur Giants (Red King)

4. Ghost Riders

5. 13th Breath of the Zodiac (CD bonus track)

6. The Devil (in G Minor)

7. Come Crimson Death


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