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While a costumed and made-up herd called Alpha Tiger kicks off the final Festival day, we are busy packing our stuff into my car to leave before the big sunday rush. Somewhere between parking lot and camping ground we stumble into a bunch of guys with flared pans and sideburns standing in front of a caravan. And as my mind and mouth are wandering with the thought: “They look like a band” we almost get run over by these guys that, just minutes later turn out to be none less than ’77!

Hard to capture all in one place: ’77

Brothers Armand and LG Valeta leading with guitars and vocals as drum machine Johnnie Dolphin and bassist Raw deliver the rhythm section. As a huge AC/DC fan, which I’ve been since the age of 9 it is the greatest delight to watch the four musicians rocking the stage of the Gelsenkirchen Amphitheater. You may call ’77 the fastest band at RHF 2012 and I bet I’m not the only one having a hard time taking a good picture, cause those lads just run around like maniacs. Drummer Johnnie, or as he likes to call himself Dolphin Riot is passionate enough to keep the drum set moving and shaking it needs fixing with a screw driver to keep it from falling down.

Johnnie Dolphin: Thrashin’ with passion

But Dolphin isn’t the only of the ’77ers that seems to have a great urge for exercise: LG first gets into the photo pit only to run right through the thrilled crowd, up the stairs and onto the camera platform where a puzzled WDR-cameraman is having the time of life. Maybe they have taken the song “Less Talk (Let’s Rock) a bit too literally. The energetic set of the Barcelona boys has clearly won new fans and to me it is THE new discovery of this years Rock Hard Festival. Their current album “High Decibels” was produced, engineered & mixed by Swedish Sweetheart Nicke Andersson, best known for his former bands The Hellacopers, Emtombed and Imperial State Electric. Combined with a undeniable love for the sound of AC/DC during the Bon Scott era, ’77 create their own version of irresistible Hard Rock for the present day and hopefully they will be around for years to come.

Nominee for the bearded hero of RHF 2012: Raw

Setlist ’77:

Your Game Is Over
High Decibels
Less Talk (Let’s Rock)
Things You Can’t Talk About
Gimme A Dollar
Big Smoker Pig

Kept photographers running: LG

And for all of you who can’t wait for Rock Hard Festival 2013, here come the latest news: “The ticket sale for the next ROCK HARD FESTIVAL 2013 will start on 27 June.
Our editor in chief Götz Kühnemund will let you know the following: “The price of festival tickets will unfurtunatly be increased from 65€ up to 70€, because otherwise we will not be able to hold the same standart next year. The fees for the Bands in 2012 were about a third higher than in 2011, and the GEMA strikes also increased. If we continue to remain one hundred percent independent (there won’t be third parties purchasing bands, as you know, and we let anyone directly or indirectly pay for their own performance), then this small increase is unavoidable, we hope that you understand – especially since we deliberately avoided necessary price increases in recent years.
So, the sale for the RHF 2013 is officially open: Now you can buy festival tickets at a price of 70 €, camping tickets for the price of 15 € (each plus ten per cent booking fee) and the extremely limited parking tickets for 5 € (only for Festival ticket purchaser and only one per person!) in our pre-order the usual, well-known channels. After the festival is before the festival!”

Here again a short overview of the prices:

The festival ticket now costs 70 euros plus 10% booking fee, for a total of 77 euros.

The camping ticket costs 15 euros as last year plus 10% booking fee, for a total of 16, 50 €.

The parking ticket costs 5 €.