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Remember those days in Elementary School when you could spend hours playing Monopoly, Quartette or Trivial Pursuit and time would just fly by? Years passed and now that your into the whole Rock thing, you can finally recapture the excitement again – with RockScience!

Imagine your favourite Board and Card Games combined, the theme being Rock’n’Roll and all this garnished with an anthem of its own. This is RockScience. Created in Sweden, well-known for delivering the globe with brilliant musicians, composers and producers for years to come. Even starting into the first round couldn’t be more appropriate: The person who last visited a concert will begin.

Creative Emperor Nicke Andersson & his ISE Cavalrymen

And if you got to get this game it’s very own Theme Song, there would be only ONE person to write it: Nicke Anderrson – with two decades in Rock and Metal, Nicke and his youngest, IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC – Dolf de Borst (The Datsuns), Tobias Egge and Tomas Eriksson – recorded “Rock Science” and even more:

“It’s an all analog, 100 % physical board game, to be unleashed sometime later this year. Think Monopoly, Black Jack, Trivial Pursuit, Roulette all rolled up in one. The theme being rock and roll. Basically what you and your pals are arguing over on a friday night put into a game. In Rock Science you cannot only win the argument but you can win the whole thing.

So what has this got to do with Imperial State Electric you might ask. Since I thought this game was a great idea I decided to lend my services as the “graphic designer”. This thing needs to look good. I also thought the game needed a song to go with it. So I wrote one. It’s called “Rock Science”. Duh.

Get down and get with it!


To get a little insight on ISE working on “Rock Science”, check out RockScience’s YouTube Channel.

And if this wasn’t cool enough already, RockScience will be available in three additional languages: English, Finish and German. Coming this fall, we will keep you updated!

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