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After seeing dozens of live shows in 2012 it might become hard to pick one or more true highlights, but with the intensity KADAVAR put into completely overcrowded MTC, Cologne this is one for sure.

The national scene for once would not underestimate the greatness of their own fellow-men and women and with two German Bands playing on a thursday night, I have never seen club MTC filled with so many people – there was hardly air to breath at all. On the other hand this is what you get when attending a club show: Wheat, sweet and live music. On our arrival local support HILLS OF KINGS are in the midst of their set. And allready at this point even taking natures cause becomes not just an adventure but impossible to take.

After an, to me unexpected encore HILLS OF KINGS leave the stage and release a noticeable part of the audience away from the front. a drink later and some self-service for our wardrobe, Mister Ernest Drake and I enjoy the company of one Lupus Lindemann. What a charismatic and down-to-earth guy! He excuses himself after some chatting to get ready for the show.

Almost like an aging Diva, Wolf – respectively Lupus – and the rhythm section Mammut and Tiger take their time before appearing which only causes expectation to rise underneath the ceiling. Specially those who watched KADAVAR at the much acclaimed Stoned From The Underground Festival were up for a high-class psychedelic trip. Another half hour or so passes while the room is filled not only further spectators but with dust and humidity.

One thing many Shows are lacking is raw and genuine energy, deriving from the Bands’ love for Music…if you wonder: Why did fashion makers stop producing flared pants, when did the star-print shirts disappear and how come most concerts just appear to be a job to be done by a couple of low-life so-called musicians that just happen to have a well working management?! At this fair night you will realise that even a swedish discount fashion store is selling bell-huggers – maybe not regularly – and there are still bands that enjoy their own stuff so much you can feel it just as well. Luckily KADAVAR happens to be one of those and although many others around me seem pretty much reserved at the sight of the Berlin based threesome I am all into getting high on sound! And with that kind of honesty towards audiences, no one on stage would be obliged to have flared leg-wear.

With only their self-entitled debut album packaged, KADAVAR allready have enough material to expand an entire headline show. Further the single “Creature Of The Demon” turns out to be a sing-along song and quite a handful of excited fans follow this unwritten invitation.

If you haven’t had the chance to see the guys sweating on stage, there are still a bunch of concerts coming up in late 2012, including their 100. show!

03.12.2012 – (DE) Osnabrück, Bastard
04.12.2012 – (DE) Hamburg, Hafenklang
05.12.2012 – (DK) Copenhagen, Loppen
06.12.2012 – (NO) Oslo, Crossroad Club
07.12.2012 – (DK) Aalborg, Studenterhuset
08.12.2012 – (DE) Fehmarn, Dänschendorfer Scheune
13.12.2012 – (DE) Berlin, Comet Club + Occvlta (100. Show!!!)

Presented by This Charming Man Records, Tee Pee Records, Cargo Records & Magnificent Music

All pictures courtesy of Sandra Tilmans