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2012 marks the second year of the female sound collective known as THUNDERMOTHER. Vocalist Evami Ringqvist , Guitarists Filippa Nässil & Giorgia “Jo” Carteri, Bassist Rut Karin Arvidsson and Drummer Rebecca Meiselbach seem to have come out of nowhere, as the interest surrounding THUNDERMOTHER arouse during the première at Gothenburg Rockfest in the spring of 2012 and it has escalated ever since. After two successful Tours this year, one through Italy and the other supporting DANKO JONES on the road through Sweden, the five Rock Ladies from Stockholm are about to set sail on the infamous CLOSE-UP Boat with Turbonegro and Imperial State Electric – as the first through history, unsigned Band (without neither record nor record label).

Please tell us how each of you has gotten into Rock and Metal initially and how you all met.

I was 13 years old when I got into Ozzy Osbourne and Rhandy Roads guitar solos. The first rock album I ever bought tho was Rage Against The Machine with RATM. I also listened to a few riff rock songs like Highway to hell with AC/DC, and Are You Gonna Go My Way with Lenny Kravitz and also swedish bands like The Hives, The Hellacopters and Backyard Babies. When I turned 16 I started listen to Deep Purple. I went to a school to learn guitar so I was playin a lot more rock then I was listening to at that period; Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen to mention a few. It took a lot of time to realise that the best music is simple music with three chords haha;-) on that same school at that same time went Evami, our singer, but we never spoke until years later when I asked her to join Thundermother.

Did any of you ever plan to play in an All-Girl Band or is that something that just happened?

It was not a plan in the beginning but when we met Rebecca, it was definite to be an all girl band. With her passion we got motivated to find a girl bass player to be complete rockin’ , beer drinking gals. It sounds good, it looks good, it’s all good to be girls. And we write sexy lyrics about guys so It feels more natural.

How much harder is it to be taken seriously as a female musician?

A lot I would say. It’s not in people’s genes yet, I mean, not so long ago we couldn’t vote, now we play Rock’n’Roll and people turn their heads.

By now you have recorded a few songs available on your Facebook page – are you planing or working on a first album so far?

We have decided to record and release an album 2013 and we are so excited!

Let’s talk about songwriting: How does this work among the five of you, is it a democratic act or is there one dictator?

I have done a lot of riffs and songs in the beginning but the others is joining now and we arrange together in the rehearsing room. Often I have an idea at home and then Evami for example make a lyric; Sometimes via email, sometimes via jam or over a bottle of wine.

You have been touring pretty constantly in 2012, how did you get to be opening for DANKO JONES and what are your up to in the near future?

Danko and John liked us and wanted to push for us so we got to come along, a dream come true.

Release an album and tour even more!

Any plans so far for 2013 and any chance you’ll be playing in Germany sometime soon?

We sure hope so! We have plans to expand so this is the plan :)

“THUNDERMOTHER represents the ultimate combination of AC/DC and Janis Joplin” , is how you are described online. Are there other important influences you would like to mention?

Listen and hear for yourself when our album comes..;)

Is there anything else you want to tell the world, greetings, curses or cooking recipes?

We will actually be featured in a Swedish Rock band cooking book soon and there you can see how to make our Thundermother Elk in Beer Stew. Enjoy!

Thanks a lot for taking your time to answer my questions! See you soon.

Cheers, see u in Germany, soon hopefully !:)

Filippa Nässil