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Lead by SHEBREW fronter Francis Anthony, the music of KROH derives from FUKPIG’s mastermind Paul Kenney. The self-titled debut that is published on Kenney’s very own Devizes Records, proves a great perception for visual concepts. The strongly limited LP on clear purple vinyl contains four exclusive artcards.

The most distinguishing momentum of KROH’s fuzzy acoustic conglomerate can be stated as the voice of Francis Anthony. Clearly no student of humdrum harmonies, but almost on the edge of atonal compositions. As the everlasting echo of the praising “in the name of Lucifer” summons the Antichrist, stone turns into flesh. Is the last supper…the last day…the DOOMSDAY?!

As many a bands before, KROH’s origines are none less than the cradle of Metal itself, the birthplace of BLACK SABBATH. Where Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward were once wandering the road to success, they left behind some big shoes to fill. And as mysterious as the mesmerizing music of KROH is the outcome of the ever-present question to who will one day step in the place of these Masters of Reality.

Side A

1. The Planet We Seeded

2. Heaving Earth

3. Stone Into Flesh

4. These Butterflies

Side B

1. Luciphoria

2. Inside

3. How I Wish That I Could Know

4. Fruits And Wine


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