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As a true music enthusiast, travelling in the name of Rock’n’Roll has become a major part of my life and so I find myself hitting the road or in this case the air to see ’77 play two shows in Switzerland in early january. And although I most enjoy total spontaneous adventures, it is not a short notice for me to fly to Zürich and the whole trip is well-prepared. Arriving a day in advance of the first gig, there is enough time for some sight-seeing, as this is the first time ever that I visit our southern neighbours. So, take a look at this little check-list, prior to the journey:

– Cheapo flights from Cologne to Zürich, booked end of november

– accommodations for four nights

– new temporary passport, after losing mine

– money exchange, for they have no Euro in Switzerland

– measuring my suitcase to avoid luggage check-in and additional costs

– train ticket to Cologne airport

– and of course loads of music for the time travelling

'77@ZürichCrazy crowd in Zürich (©Roland Müller)

This first insight into swiss nightlife leads me to Le Cactus Music Bar, downtown Zürich. A real cosy place for Rockers and Rollers – situated at the middle of Kanonengasse and thus just a few feet away from where all the action will be the very next day. Friday starts with an awesome breakfast and some more extended walk through the countries largest city, including getting a little wasted along lake Zürich. With nightfall we finally arrive at the venue Alte Kaserne (Old Barrack), just as ’77 starting their soundcheck.

The event, organized by Peter Metzinger and Pino Music, is a dedication to the 70s, when the world saw the adolescence of Rock’n’Roll and there seems to be some way of easiness around. “Bringing It Back” is the, let me call it working title and three bands are on the line up to bring the audience a breeze of the past to the present. Hitting the stage as the nights’ opener is Italy’s very own explosive Ribcrasher Rock’n’Roll Band and AC/DC Tribute, ON-OFF. Founded in 1998 by Matteo Vago they deliver a solid sound combined with a rocking show, which makes this a worthy entry. The influence AC/DC has on each of the nights’ bands is pretty much obvious and with an SG and a Rickenbacker bass (and bassist Fabio in a flannel shirt), ON-OFF even have a look close to ’77.

'77@Zürich IIRock’n’Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (©Roland Müller)

The original schedule has SIN/CITY second in line, but due to ’77 fronter Armand Valeta coming down with a sudden case of angina, the running order is being shifted and makes the German High Voltage Rock’n’Rollers an abrupt Headliner. As the place is well filled with fans of any age, we see the evenings’ highlight at a rather early hour and I’m ever so happy to witness the first true Rock Show of 2013! Besides the slight change, one could hardly tell ’77 are hitting the stage with a sick singer – Armand steps aside to have his brother LG on lead guitar and bassist Raw tear the place apart and engaging themselves with more vocals than – at least as far as I can tell – ever before. This proves to be no disadvantage but on the contrary: Zürich witnesses a strong and professional performance by one of this days most promising acts around. Furthermore, LG becomes the center of attention, singing “Give Me A Dollar”. Now, that’s what I call great genes!

LG@ZürichLG: Getting into the merchandise madness (©Roland Müller)

The next day we, that is my local host and the organizers of AC/DC Fancamp, who also came all the way from Germany to see ’77, hit the road, heading for Wasen. High up on the hills of Emmental, Ice Rock Festival takes place for the 11th time in a row. For sure, this is not your usual event: Having a festival in the midst of winter, building a concert venue in an old barn, getting tons of equipment into the middle of nowhere – the Swiss are a certainly a crazy little people!

Ice Rock has started on January 3rd, so we arrive for the final day and right in time for some more highlights. On our arrival four girls, calling themselves THE CRUMPETS heat up the interior. Five-string bass guitar, polyphonic harmonies and catchy lyrics are a guarantee of a great lively atmosphere. And to my surprise German Metal Veterans RAGE play BEFORE ’77 – but who would want to complain about this, except for Peavy, Victor and André.

Ice Rock Backstagewith Dolphin & Raw of ’77 and Ice Rock Crew members before the Show    (©Peter Metzinger)

Stagetime is at half past eleven and a 90 minutes set is scheduled for this saturday. Expectations among spectators are up the roof and the four Spanish musicians manage to rock even harder than the night before. Summing it up, I can say that this trip was worth every single second!

For all you Spaniards, ’77 will be touring with BULLET in early march, don’t miss it. Check out all dates here! And there is good news for Germany and Switzerland, as the guys will be part of this years’ Rock’n’Roll Overdose – featuring PSYCHOPUNCH, MOTORJESUS, THE NEW BLACK and SUPERCHARGER –  in april, covering three weeks of Rocking!

LG@Ice RockBringing it Back – Giving it all at Ice Rock