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While Germany is still caught in the icy grip of winter, an unseasonably warm wind from Scandinavia is on its way to the fair city of Essen – Metal meteorologists call it THE SCAMS. Storms are falling even harder with the widely dreaded hairy hurricane known as LOST ANGELS. A group of wise men and women in their forties or even fifties however don’t seem to fear the outcome this force of nature might bring. They even take their young along, maybe for some intense Rock’n’Roll education – or was it vice versa?

The Scams_Essen1Bassist Kriss Biggs intonates “Thrill Is On”

The night takes an almost disastrous turn as the entrance is postponed for half an hour due to “the bands still doing their soundcheck”. If it wasn’t for the cold of late january, I couldn’t care less…as doors finally open I can hardly feel my feet anymore. Two beers, two bands and about two hours later it is all worth while again. THE SCAMS enter the rather small stage of the rather new but seemingly worn out Opium Club, downtown Essen.

The Scams_Essen6The later the evening, the nuder the drummer – Tobias Ander in Essen

It comes as a surprise watching the four swedish musicians working on  proper equipment settings after the supposedly soundcheck caused the entire event to be delayed. The audience on the other hand seems to be quite shy and so the front row is scarcely visited – some four or five folks around me, but that leaves more room for enjoying myself. After a rough start, mostly due to the overall atmosphere, with the highly acclaimed title track of the current record “Bombs Away”, THE SCAMS are able to convince everybody as the striking live band they are. Little to my astonishment the room slowly clears during the set of LOST ANGELS afterwards.

The Scams_Essen3Guitarist Linus Olsson – youngest & latest member of THE SCAMS

The 45-minutes set is over way too fast and leaves me wrecking my brain, how long it will take THE SCAMS to return to Germany or rather how long it will take me to see them again. Summing it up, besides the short pleasure of live entertainment, the best part of the evening happens to be the aftershow party and in the end we’re all happy campers again!

The Scams_Essen2Founding member Daniel Kvist enlightened by the disco ball inferno


Bombs Away

Fuck Like A Priest

Heavy Load

Get Up And Move Along

Thrill Is On

Noise, Booze And Tattoos

Pour Me One More

I’m Not Alone (Got Rock’n’Roll)

Die Tonight


The Scams_Essen5Final Night of the Tour – Time for some mischief!

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All pictures courtesy of Susan Spades / Queen Of Spades Photography