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– Hamburg –

The first weekend of march 2013 for sure has become anything but ordinary! Along with three others I find myself on the way to Hamburg to attend the very first edition of HELL OVER HAMMABURG Festival – a total of twelve international acts, covering a large amount of genres, set in the two halls of “Markthalle Hamburg”. Besides the fact that all bands in those two parts of the venue play simultaneously, you wont find any trace of organisational failure.

IMAG0091No regrets necessary: SCREAMER

Opening a festival during the unyielding winter does not seem to be a very grateful job. Playing at a new event might be cool but always risky. The result of both factors combined is quite a challenge. Swedish Metalheads SCREAMER turn out to be the perfect choice for this task. From the very first note, the four young musicians get hold of the entire and constantly increasing audience. The selection of songs turns the late afternoon into the days’ first and maybe even most fun-filled moshpit, covering ages from 15 to 50. Summing up the entire festival day, which lasted from doors at 4pm until sometime around 2am, when the after show party was finally shot down, SCREAMER are not only one of the best openers I have ever seen, but become my personal headliner. And of course the 30 or 45 minutes set with songs of their new album “Phoenix” and the previous one “Adrenaline Distractions” (I did not check the time as they played, neither did I count the songs) is over way too fast. But it wouldn’t be for long for me to see them again.

– Cologne –

Just two days later, while I am still coping with the wasted feeling of the previous night/day/whatever, SCREAMER and their german tour support ATTIC, who also played at HELL OVER HAMMABURG arrive in Cologne. And since I’m having a hard time saying no, when it comes to live shows, I find myself on the road yet again. Playing on a monday night ends up to be not such a good idea, but touring has it, that any day off stage is not only a waste of money, but might even turn into additional costs.

IMAG0093Out Of The Fire – Even on a monday night!

On my arrival local support ELEMINATOR has just finished their set and after a short break of decorating the stage and themselves, ATTIC play rather long set. Still with a slight delay some of those present tonight are forced to leave before SCREAMER even start…what a pity! Much to my surprise ATTIC do not entirely make me sick, which is the first time ever. Finally at about 11pm guitarists Anton Fingal and Dejan Rosić, vocalist/bassplayer Christoffer Svensson and drummer Henrik Petersson take over club MTC by storm. Those who managed to stay will witness true and honest Rock’n’Roll at its best.

IMAG0097Successfully distracting adrenaline!

Even with a sore throat and wrecked back it always feels great to be at a club show, being able to actually face the band and feel the atmosphere within the audience, plus of course a noticeably longer set. With their overwhelmingly enthusiastic and joyful attitude, it is really hard to NOT like SCREAMER. The much decreased number of spectators still party like at least a hundred fanatics, some of them – including myself – headbanging through the whole show. In the end the final song on the setlist, which would have been “No Sleep ‘Til Hamilton” is left out. Presumably due to the fact that just about 20 people are still standing in front of the stage after a short encore.


Demon Rider

No Regrets


Can You Hear Me

Keep On Walking



All Over Again

I Know

Mr. Noman

Far Away From Home

Rock Bottom

(No Sleep ‘Til Hamilton)

– to be continued –


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