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After the unpleasant message got hold of the Occult scene, that one of its most appreciated yet controversial properties THE DEVIL’S BLOOD is no more, time truly heals wounds and we now see both TDB mastermind SELIM LEMOUCHI and the resolved band itself carrying on a legacy. As of yesterday two messages, including sound samples of the upcoming releases are stated via Facebook:

“The Devil’s Blood – III: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars


Prior to our disbanding on the 22nd of January 2013 we had been active with the pre-production of what was to be our third album. 7 songs, the complete outline of the album, had been, in humble form, recorded in my home recording studio and these demos were supposed to be the template for our studio recordings. Obviously we would never make it that far and the initial shock of that fact saddened us greatly. After but a few days we listened to this material again and decided that even though the audio quality might not be what people have come to expect from a THE DEVIL’S BLOOD release, the song material was and is the best we have ever done. We came to the conclusion that these songs deserve to become a part of The Canon and that we would release them as is.

I spent a few days gathering all the demo material together, made a very simple mix and gave the material to our friend and mentor Pieter G. Kloos to master in his studio. Here we present you with the titles of the material and the artwork which was done by Manuel Tinnemans.

The song we have chosen to release now is “White Storm of Teeth”. More so than the other material this song speaks to the completion and transubstantiation that always follows an Occult path. Not the end of a journey but the start of a completely new one. Built around thirteen stanzas in the first part and thirteen stanzas in the second part the process of inner enlightenment through confusion and entropy and the initiation through the Death of the lower self is illustrated. This theme is rampant throughout the record and its lyrics but here it culminates and completely devours itself. After this work no words are needed and, on the album, none are offered.

THE DEVIL’S BLOOD has always been an entity that defied any fealty or thankfulness towards any earthly influence. But we as people need not hold to this paradigm any longer. We therefore wish to express our sincere thankfulness to all those who have supported this weird quest and have made the earthly woes to not work against us. You most definitely know who you are.

The record will be released by Ván Records in Europe and the rest of the World and by Metal Blade in North America. It will be available as digital download, CD and DLP starting the 30th of April in Europe and a date soon to be announced in the USA/CAN.

With thankfulness and a glad heart filled with the pride of a Work well done,

I. I was promised a Hunt
Part III – …and the holy cunt spewed forth abomination…
Part II – …wielding the hammer of the dead…
Part I – …upon the aimless path…
II. The Lullaby of the Burning Boy
III. …If not a Vessel?
IV. In the loving Arms of Lunacy’s secret Demons
V. Dance of the Elements
VI. White Storm of Teeth
VII. Tabula Rasa”

“Selim Lemouchi:

Following only one paradigm, freedom, SELIM LEMOUCHI has, after being debriefed from his 6 year tenure as leader of THE DEVIL’S BLOOD, started by returning to the oldest and most spiritual form of making music. To allow all emotions, all inspiration and all style figures that drive the artist to speak without censor. Be it the torture of love or the bliss of hate, all demons and all angels are allowed to speak.

Starting in February of 2013, as a mere concept in Selim’s mind, writing, channeling and exercising this new-found freedom, he has his first harvest to pluck with the release of “Mens Animus Corpus” a three track EP which, while not in any way a blueprint for what is to come, serves as starting point for this brave new night.

The three songs vary from the subtly symphonic to the bluntly psychedelic and within a mere 30 minutes paint a wide and adventurous picture.

The Ep consists of the following titles:

I. Eschaton
2. Thistle
3. Your Way Down

The Enemies:

On this recording Selim was supported by his old bandmates Micha Haring and Oeds Beydals on Drums and Guitar. Also a guest appearance on Violin appears on Thistle courtesy of Marcin Hurkmans

Artwork for this release was photographed by Jerome Siegelaer (siegelaer.com), who will also be responsible for a video of Thistle which will be presented soon, and the lettering was done by hand, using old book printing gear, by Max Rovers who also designed the release. Many thanks go out to them both.

we present you here with the song “Thistle”.
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