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With their 3-Track EP “Witness” JEX THOTH – featuring Shane Verwey (Bass), Nick Johnson (Drums), Nico Kain (Guitar) and Clay Ruby (Organ, Synt – are able to prove, that despite constant touring they still find enough time to compose great music. Might be a little too much echo put on Jessica’s already hypnotic voice here, but this would have to be the only cutback to be found on “Witness”. The first two songs “Raven Nor The Spirit” and “Slow Rewind” merge into each other as one and thus earn a strong unity. Also the Slapp Happy cover of “Mr. Rainbow” featuring dominant vocals and Hammond organ blends in perfectly.

For all die-hard-fans of JEX THOTH an absolute must-have – those who fell for the charms of this band with its read-headed siren, are sure to be proud owners of the EP that was released via I HATE on April 11th 2010. All new or soon-to-be addicts shall be warned: You will get hooked on this!


1. Raven Nor The Spirit

2. Slow Rewind

3. Mr. Rainbow


Jex Thoth - Witness