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Less than a year after their split release with PAGAN ALTAR on October 31st, 2007 JEX THOTH – featuring Zodiac (Organ, Synthesizer, Piano), Johnny Dee (Drums), Grim Jim (Bass, Guitars) and Silas Paine (Guitars, Bouzouki, Flute) – put out a self titled debut album. The band that formerly called itself TOTEM has made a reputation as a hard-working live act and adds to this success with this first full-length publication. Opening “Jex Thoth” is the hymn “Nothing Left To Die” that proves the bands’ talent for a catchy chorus. Within the course of the record a spherical depths opens up, giving way for the enchanting vocals of singer and eponym Jessica Thoth. 
The intense and forwarded “Seperated At Birth” with its dominating riff, is an invitation to all headbangers. The following “Equinox Suit” is divided into four parts that perfectly merge into one another. The closing track “Stone Evil” has already been released on the split and is clearly known to all real fans.
An overall sophisticated piece of art, yet not too well suitable for old school metalheads. Furthermore “Jex Thoth” has its lengths and epic qualities.  Those who had no chance so for to be convinced by JEX THOTH’S live performances ought to catch them as soon as possible – and might purchase a record as well.

Not your mere party animal, but for the ideal soundtrack clear and golden autumn days. True occult rockers will love the vinyl gatefold version. “Jex Thoth” is released via I HATE on February 29th 2008.


1. Nothing Left To Die

2. The Banishment

3. Obsidian Night

4. Seperated At Birth

5. Son Of Yule

6. Warrior Woman

7. Eqinox Suite
a) The Poison Pit
b) Thawing Magus
c) Invocation Pt. 1
d) The Damned And Divine

8. When The Raven Calls

9. Stone Evil


Jex Thoth