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Still fairly worn out by ROCK HARD FESTIVAL a week ago, including three nights of sleeping in my car – oh heck yeah, don’t you just love that ROXETTE song?! I do! – and slightly too cool weather, mostly until San Francisco Hippies ORCHID would bring the sunshine to the ranks of the waterside of Gelsenkirchen amphitheatre, I reschedule my original idea of spending the entire time span as part of the team supporting the Rockfreaks. Nonetheless, the mere fact that UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS play there first ever live show on german soil, could not keep me from visiting this years’ edition of FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL, the second as it is – hell or high water! Narrowing it down to just this one day, the Cambridge Ambassadors of Coolness arrive in the plains of pleasure, a long journey lies before me and my car called ELVIS. In fact the lengths of the way ahead is not that great at all, but driving through Cologne is a terrible thing, even for the cities’ inhabitants. Since attending a festival by myself is not that much fun, first goal of today is Drake Records, which might be Cologne’s’ most charming Record Store, where I meet up with store owner Ernest Drake for a fun-filled afternoon…at least that has been the plan once. To make a long story short(er): My arrival takes an additional hour and thus, we have to leave almost right away, finding ourselves roaming the rocky roads of western Germany.

Uncle Acid IIStomping on stage: UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS

As we finally make our way to a – more or less – official parking lot for day guests and down to the festival site itself, THE MUGGS are still jamming through the vastness of Psychedelic Rock recurrence. Strolling around, Ernest even treats himself to a little shopping spree at the UNCLE ACID merch booth, as I run into a bunch of pals from southern Rhineland. A sip of coke and a smoke later, I’m fully into my personal festival mode and expectations rise beyond the roof. My mind is already set on the upcoming UK-invasion, making me incapable to enjoy norwegian Blues Rockers BRUTUS with their “singing beer-can”. Besides I’m getting carried away talking to PET THE PREACHER Bassplayer Torben, the guys from GALLONS OF MUD and the rest of the gang. Clearly this day is nothing about “good clean fun”, but who wouldn’t prefer things to be a little rough and dirty?

Uncle Acid IIIFading in fake fog: The Acid Coven Drummachine

While dusk is slowly close in on us, the stage gets set for what is going to be somewhat of a lifetime experience. More of an epiphany than a revelation, I undergo, as four musicians in black enter the outdoor boards of FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2013. Familiar sound of an intro may be heard from the speakers before me. Ernest and I fought our way into the photopit to enjoy the best view beyond the crowed. With the first touch of a string and the sound of drums “I’ll cut you down” opens the set and the explosive energy between band and fans is easily felt. The initial tension of the british quartette just blows with the wind and those who were excited to finally see the incarnated mystery, are fully convinced by this rocking foursome. Critics might be in attendance tonight and with the next three tracks being new, they probably have something to whine about. The majority of spectators receive all novelties very well. But it isn’t before “I’m here to kill” and later on “Death’s door”, that some part of the audience really freaks out. The setlist combines songs from the last two albums “Blood Lust” and the latest “Mind Control”. A needless fear of diva-like behavior ends with the encore.


1. I’ll cut you down

2. Crystal spiders

3. Mount abraxax

4. Mind crawler

5. I’m here to kill you

6. Valley of the dolls

7. Desert ceremony

8. Death’s door

9. Poison apple


10. Over and over

11. Vampire circus