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2013 is truly becoming the year of 13, with BLACK SABBATH’s epic new piece of work under the name of “13” and the re-issue of HOUR OF 13’s self-entiteld and completely sold out debut “Hour of 13”. To top things off and further the bands’ status of being one of the most noteworthy old school Heavy/Doom Metal acts in today’s scene, Northern Silence Production is also publishing an exclusive vinyl release of their “333” album.

Formed in early 2006 by multi-instrumentalist Chad Davis (ex-DEMONCY, FATHER BEFOULED, PROFANE GRACE) Hour Of 13 set out on a path of obscure and dark Heavy/Doom Metal. After vocalist Phil Swanson (VESTAL CLARET; UPWARDS OF ENDTIME, SEAMOUNT) joined in 2007, the debut album was recorded and unleashed to great acclaim.
Mixing elements of traditional Doom & Heavy Metal, Hour of 13 have crafted a sound well deserved unto them. Phil Swanson’s lyrics, dealing with the occult, black magic, Satanism and evil in general add to the obscure image of the band and go well with their traditional sound, creating a nostalgic aura and reminding the listener of the early 80s and bands such as PAGAN ALTAR, RITUAL and old MERCYFUL FATE.
After the release of two more critically acclaimed full lengths and several EPs and with the debut on both CD and LP being sold out everywhere since years, the time had come in 2013 to reissue this modern classic in an improved fashion, with the original recordings but totally revised artwork – the LP with gatefold cover and three different limited vinyl editions, the CD in 6-page digipack. Both formats come with classic black, purple and silver design, giving the whole release a darker and much more sophisticated appearance than the original versions, and making this a mandatory addition to every serious occult Heavy & Doom Metal collection.


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