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Is has always been quite common to use horrific soundscapes and even movie quotes for several parts of the Rock and Metal Genre, most frequently within the Doom corner. Prominent examples would be ELECTRIC WIZARD and UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS. As I am not even close to being an expert on all styles apart from my own prefered music, which obviously has to be mostly guitar/riff based tunes, it was quite a surprise for me to be so fond of the jazzed up Funk song ‘Demonia De La Enfermedad’. The upcoming new two-track single by DJ PHONEY – Cologne-based Recordstore owner, DJ, music enthusiast, casual guest contributor for Psychorizon and very dear friend of mine – is set for release on December 3rd 2013.

To give his own idea a well-deserved support, there is also a crowdfunding project for ‘Demonia De La Enfermedad’ available on Swiss platform wemakeit and can be found at the following link: http://wemakeit.ch/projects/dj-phoney-demonia-de-la-enfermedad-vinyl-single-release-finanzierung. Like a soundtrack to an unshot movie, the two version of ‘Demonia’ – the original is completely instrumental, while the Remix by Larrson Appreciation has some vocals added – will make you shiver, with its dominant bass and spooky noise insertions, some of which do sound like a lost step in a dark alley after midnight.

Previous outlets of the busy buddy include a constant collaboration with MC/vocalist INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL, eventually leading to the production of the “Dead Fingers Talk”-album and hosting the “dead wax markings”-radioshow for Mülgrime Radio together with his DJ-mate kleinski, until the show came to its end earlier this year. Alongside Belgian singer twila.too, DJ PHONEY also forms the electro-outfit ERNEST DRAKE. 2013 also saw a one-time resurrection of his infamous Phoney Tapes along with the output of the “Cookies” EP. Ever since 2008, DJ PHONEY, a.k.a. ERNEST DRAKE runs his own record store called Drake Records, which entirely specializes in vinyl – what else!

If you want to learn more about the person behind all those projects, check out Psychorizon’s Interview with Mr. Drake from 2011!


A Side – ‘Demonia De La Enfermedad’

B Side – ‘Demonia De La Enfermedad’ (Larrson Appreciation RMX)


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DJ Phoney - DemoniaGive it a spin – if you dare!