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Words & pictures courtesy of Valerio Ciucci / IT’S ONLY MUSIC, BUT LIVE

SPACE CHASER had the task to open the sold out evening which saw only Berlin-based bands perform. The band, which released its new Ep “-” just few months ago, played an honest Thrash Metal, strongly influenced by the masters of the 80s. SPACE CHASER paid tribute to bands such as ANTHRAX and did it pretty well, with a fast and aggressive sound and full dedication to the Thrash Metal verb. The audience first rows went crazy, with people handbanging and supporting the band continuously. Many other people in the audience, though, were a bit confused, having a Thrash Metal band as opening act for KADAVAR. About thirty minutes to warm feet and neck, the show left open the question about the sense this kind of music has in 2013, and if we have to thank this kind of bands, which keep alive the sound.

Space ChaserPutting the Thrash (and beer) back in Metal: SPACE CHASER

KADAVAR is one of the most appreciated bands of the Berlin-based music scene. Three guys with beards and hair so long that one can’t really define the border between them. Three guys that one can easily understand the kind of music they play by just one look. After the omonimus album released in 2012, KADAVAR started gaining an increasing success, which led the band to release the new work “Abra Kadavar” last spring. The new album was warmly received by fans and critics, and allowed the band to embrace a never ending worldwide tour in front of large audiences.

KadavarRocking off the old year with old sounds: KADAVAR

In a packed SO36, Kadavar came on stage accompanied by the roar of the fans: a combo of tracks from the album “Kadavar”, including some of the band’s biggest hits, immediately lit the audience up. A powerful 70s Hard Rock reworked with Stoner Rock and Doom influenced embraced the place. When listening to the first album it was possible to hear the BLACK SABBATH influences in every piece, while the new songs try to have a more personalized sound; the mix of those two aspects of the band worked perfectly smoothly during the live show. Christoph Bartelt made a great work behind the drum set while Simon Bouteloup created rhythmic bass lines in support of the guitar work by Christoph Lindemann, with the three of them blowing the audience’s mind off with. After 70 minutes of an amazing performance, KADAVAR left the stage. They didn’t offer any encore although the audience strongly called for it. KADAVAR sonorities are nothing new or innovative, but they do what they do in an excellent manner. As someone once said: “You can’t reinvent the wheel, but you can roll it!”