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Leeds-based Sabbathian apprentices BLACK MOTH take off with their 2012 debut “The Killing Jar”, manecing like a lepidoptera swarm across the blackened sky…with their unique blend of doomy riffage, Fuzz-ridden tunes and softly Grunge-inflicted melancholy, the band compiles what they refer to as Mothic Horror. Starting as a foursome, BLACK MOTH sees the beginning of an easy underground escape, within two years of this unholy gathering. Sit back, relax or better yet: Go NUTTS upon the ten tracks, offering a most grooving rhythm section and hypnotic string-arrangements that built the foundation on which the sirens’ calls of one Harriet Bevan will take you by storm. Bouncing between a soulful warmth and Riot Grrrl-ish screams, this frontlady got more balls than many of her male companions – fellow guitarist Jim Swainston, bassist Dave Vachon and sticksman Dom McCready NOT included.

BLACK MOTH clearly got a full package to offer, lyrics and designs referring to their band name, verging on the state of making fun of their own image. In their current incarnation, with second axegrinder Nico Carew, the quintette is ready to spawn it’s yet untitled sophomore attempt. Their second-born mindchild is also produced by Nick Cave, Jim Sclavunos and recorded by legendary Leeds engineer Andy Hawkins.

Just fairly off track from their spontaneous on-road support for country mates UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS, BLACK MOTH will be playing throughout the UK in April and May – It’s time to spit out your teeth and give yourself to the Mothpit!


01. The Articulate Dead

02. Blackbirds Fall

03. Banished But Blameless

04. Spit Out Your Teeth

05. Plague Of Our Age

06. Chicken Shit

07. Blind Faith

08. Plastic Blaze

09. Land Of The Sky

10. Honey Lung



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Black Moth - The Killig Jar