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If AC/DC were twenty years younger, female and located in Sweden, they’d be THUNDERMOTHER, period! Of course it’s not all that simple doing a review on the impatiently awaited full-length debut of the fierce five-piece. After an intense line-up chance, leaving only the axegrinding founders, THUNDERMOTHER are “back” (odd to say this about a band, that is just getting really started right now) with a blast! The ten tracks on their freshman attempt with the witty title “Rock’n’Roll Disaster” turn out to be everything BUT a disaster: Catchy choruses, classic and flawless riffage, a grooving rhythm section with new members Tilda Stenqvist on drums, Linda Ström on bass and above all the outstanding rocking voice of Irish vocalist Clare Cunningham.

The lyrics bounce between heartache, true-to-life experience and whatever you see and live through as a musician – just like any other band. The title track ‘Rock’n’Roll Disaster’ and ‘Shoot To Kill’ have already been recorded and released with the previous line-up and now give this new record a sort of familiar feeling to it. Not to mention that every single song is a hymn for itself and with an average duration of about three minutes, you won’t even know what hit you!

All songs are composed or at least co-written by guitarist Filippa Nässil, who also made her way producing “Rock’n’Roll Disaster”, furthermore the artwork has been handled by second guitarist and co-founder Giorgia Carteri. That’s taking care of business for you.  THUNDERMOTHER are not just another All-female Rockband, but the next mark on the international music landscape.


01. Man With Blues

02. Deranged

03. The Dangerous Kind

04. Rock’n’Roll Disaster

05. Thunderous

06. Please Me

07. Shoot To Kill

08. One For The Road

09. Cheers

10. Saturday




THUNDERMOTHER - Rock'n'Roll Disaster