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 – Yorck Segatz for Psychorizon –

On the 19th of April in the Year of MMXIV, Texan powerhouse SCORPION CHILD was scheduled to play a show with HORISONT (SWE) at Club TuRock in Essen, Germany. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the show ran a little late and my interview appointment had to be canceled, so we ended up with an e-mail interview. Read what singer Aryn Jonathan Black has to tell us about the band’s experience with touring in Europe, how the internet affects the relationship between bands and their fan base, and future plans. But most important of all: An extremely controversial answer to the „OZZY or DIO“ question!

Scorpion Child_TuRock

What are the main differences between touring in the US and touring in Europe, especially Germany?

Europe definitely receives music with wider variety. America absorbs itself in the fantasy pop-culture reality tv craze for its primary entertainment. Celebrity musicians or has been make their comeback by judging these shows where they search for Americas next big star. It’s damn near impossible anymore for bands to compete with this formula for stardom, We can choose to be angry about it, but 10 years ago we were all told it’s the future of American music in the mainstream. In Europe, music fans tend to take reality TV with less seriousness in terms of their actual “reality” and place more importance as a whole on going out and seeing a live performance. I am speaking of America as a whole granted there are pockets who we befriend that are true fans of music that see beyond what our media presents them with on the tube. Due to Europeans appreciation for the art of creating albums and attending live performances, I feel there is more of a drive to attend festival gatherings which per-capita happen a lot more frequently then they do here in the States. We love all of our fans anywhere in the world because they understand where we come from.

Would you say that your music incorporates any typical Texan influences?

I would say our vision has elements of Texas. Now do I feel Texas is exactly its stereotype of country western, cowboys etc? In some spots yes,but as a whole Texas, namely central Texas where we are from is extremely progressive. The styles are eclectic but there is a heartbeat and a soul here that perhaps seeps into rock-based music that I can speak for. We aren’t the deep south but we are Texas. It would be difficult to explain with too many specifics what that really means.

What is the idea behind the album cover?

It is a complete circle and/or cycle of a 24 hour period. A lifetime. Any period in time that involves an infinite measure of possible outcomes. We enjoy surrealism as our fantasy immensely!

Scorpion Child

What’s your opinion towards the use of social media like instagram and facebook? Does it disenchant the myth of the rock band as such if you share private moments with a large audience?

It’s the way of the world. Such is life. I feel the web has definitely allowed us to see too much allowing far less emphasis on our imagination. We can still dream. We can still pick up a book and read. If we spend too much time on the computer it tends to desensitize us and remove us from the physical experience of our dreams hence is why it’s so important to go see a live performance. Without social media in today’s universe, how can we keep up or feel like our exposure to our fans is adequate? That’s where they exist. Love letters are obsolete unless you send one and it’s received.

You also seem to have a strong German fanbase, there is even a website run by fans. How did that come about?

I would like to think that’s the case. Germany feels like a second home to us. It’s like the Texas of Europe. Not specifically its weather but it’s people. We enjoy the kind souls, opinions and the honesty of the German people. It reminds us of home. I believe there are a few fan pages from Germany! That is wonderful to us.

Is downloading boon or bane to the music industry these days?

Once again, it’s damn near impossible to banish downloading. One would have to pick up a book, go see a show, and purchase an album, take it home and really listen to sounds it creates. The crackle, the captured performance, the song sequence,and soak in the artistic layout to fully appreciate the experience of shutting off the laptop and not downloading. The artists music can be consumed quickly and perhaps spit out upon a new discovery with downloading. It allows us to regurgitate faster and with more ease. I myself can answer your following question…….

Are you record-collectors by yourself?

If yes, please name the last records you bought:

New SWANS “To Be Kind” LP (been a fan for 15+ years) Steve Gunn “Time Off” LP, IRON CLAW LP, MEDUSA LP

Has the band become a full-time job? If not, what are you doing besides?

It consumes 90% of our time. When I’m at home I will sling drinks from time to time at Wonderland in Austin or help out my dad up in St. Louis with his laundry business.

How do you spend your spare time on tour?

Exploring cities, nature, record shopping etc. No matter how many times I’ve been somewhere there is always new exciting stuff to see.

Tell me about your plans for the future! Will the SCORPION CHILD ever grow up?

The Child will always remain a youthful reincarnation of what it was before. The albums will chronicle it’s ever-growing thirst for the many sounds of the world. The travels will include our festival touring which begins tomorrow!


DIO definitely…Still love OZZY very much!

Cronos or Lemmy?
Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash?
Willie and Johnny
Gibson or Fender?
Whiskey or wine?
Whiskey or (Ecstasy and Wine) ;-)