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There’s some new kids on the block and they got some nice toys to play  with: Pen & paper, mind & soul, total conviction and no compromise! Though the name DEAF FOREVER might give somewhat of a “shallow” impression, taking the title of a MOTÖRHEAD track as a trademark. But no worries, this is not just about “the usual suspects”, this is the work of a bunch of passionate people and what more could you ask for in this world where a few major labels run large parts of the business and everyone becomes a whore when it comes to money…The debut issue featured a cover story of KING DIAMOND & MERCYFUL FATE, there’s been a Doom special in the second one and now it’s all about THE DEVIL’S BLOOD. One year has passed since DEAF FOREVER started and the readers have proven them right to not selling their souls to the music business. A great opportunity to have a little chat with the Leader Of The Pack, Goetz Kuehnemund, celebrating the magazine and true metal!

Deaf Forever - GoetzA bald man & a beer can –Kris Walker

How long did it take from the very first idea to actually creating a new magazine and what was the greatest obstacle on this way?

It took about five months. this included forming a company, working out a concept, collecting money, looking for offices, selling subscriptions and advertisements in advance and producing the first issue. it all worked out really fast because there was so much enthusiasm.

I know quite some people who see DEAF FOREVER more as a fanzine and not as the result of proper journalist work – what is your opinion on this?

I take this as a compliment, thank you! „Music journalist“ is a 4-letter-word to me – it translates to „idiot“. I never saw myself as a journalist. I´m a metal fan who has the privilege to voice his opinion. „Proper journalistic work“ means selling your soul to the music business, writing about the stuff the record companies want to sell this week. There is no heart and soul in it – and I think people are fed up with this. Just look at the sales figures of all the „proper“ music magazines and you can see the proof.

Is anyone actually able to make a living as a music journalist nowadays is has this become a romantic idea portrayed in movies like “Almost Famous”?

If you have something unique and authentic to offer: Yes, you can. But as I said: „music journalists“ are idiots most of the time. They make their money on the back of musicians and record companies, and no one respects them. Rightly so.

How hard is it to stay true to oneself and you own beliefs – for some this might even imply staying “underground” to a certain extent – and still be able to make a monthly income with DEAF FOREVER?

We don´t even think about this. We can only write about what we personally love and care for. That´s why metal fans feel attracted to DEAF FOREVER and buy the magazine: They know it´s honest. And yes, „by accident“ we can make a living this way.

Deaf Forever - SelimThe anniversary issue displays a picture honouring the late S.L.

Regarding the current issue, featuring a cover story/special on THE DEVIL’S BLOOD: How important are the readers’ reaction for the magazine staff when it comes to chosing or maybe even avoiding topics?

There is no avoiding topics if we believe in something – no matter what anyone says. We write about what we like and what we feel strongly about – we can´t do it any other way. And I´m sure that´s exactly why the magazine sells well. Every issue outsells the previous one, no matter how „provocative“ some of the topics are.

One aspect of the young DF history is rather obvious. How much was this, specially for you, a “mandatory” decision or a step done out of pure conviction, saying you could have done something else rather than staying in the writing business?

There were interesting offers from festival organizers, management companies and (German) television – but why should I stop writing? I always loved what I do and I can´t see this changing – especially when I´m free to write about whatever I like. If there was any pressure on us (meaning we HAVE to do – or avoid – something), I would probably think about changing my „job“ as it wouldn´t be fun anymore. It might sound cheesy to some – but DEAF FOREVER is total conviction for all of us! I have the best team in the world by my side (by moonlight we ride, ten thousand side by side, with swords drawn held high, our whips and armour shine!).

Deaf Forever - TeamA part of the DF crew at Party.San Open Air 2014 – ⒸSeda Tunca

At this point, would you say DF is still finding its own niche among the vivid competition on the market and that some of the columns currently featured might disappear in the cause of time?

No. We have found our niche and we are happy with the way things are shaping and evolving. Thanks to everybody out there who has helped along the way!

My first impression of the look was “very British”, has there been one or more established mags you took inspiration from, like British IRON FIST or TERRORIZER?

Maybe subconsciously, yes. I like IRON FIST a lot, but haven´t seen an issue of TERRORIZER in a long while. I love to read fanzines – and there are some very good ones around. The best German ones (right now) are HAMMERHEART and THAT’S METAL. Reading good fanzines always inspires me – as well as reading (English) Classic Rock  and Prog magazines.

DF just celebrated its first anniversary, so congrats on this! What are the plans for the near future and what general goals does the staff have in mind?

Thank you! The goal is to be able to continue the way we work without any compromise. The future looks very promising and interesting to us.

The first half of 2015 is pretty much over by now: What are your favourite new releases so far?

Oh, there are many! SULPHUR AEON  stands out – so do ADRAMELCH, ARMORED SAINT, RANGER, ENFORCER, SORCERER, ASCENSION, MELECHESH and (surprise, surprise) EUROPE. And right now, while answering these questions, I´m listening to the new BLACK TRIP album. After that I will put on new ORCHID, new MOTÖRHEAD or new SECRETS OF THE MOON. All exciting stuff!

Deaf Forever - Comic GoetzUp the irons!

If you wouldn’t be a writer, is there any career you could imagine for your life?

I would probably (try to) write books. I´ve started three books in my life, but didn´t find the time to finish any of them. Don´t ask about the content – it´s all boring stuff. Metal is absorbing most of my life, and that will never change. I´m very lucky to have a metal girlfriend who fully understands (and regularly steals my CIRITH UNGOL vinyls).

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview with Psychorizon. Is there anything else you would like to tell the world, cast a spell on anyone or declare love or war right now?

Love Metal! Hate hypocrites!



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