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The first single and video from “Dreamcrash” will be out on July 31st. Until then, enjoy this very first taste of the new album, a song we call “Crying Wolves”. Today exclusively premiered in Germany over at Visions Magazine.

Grave Pleasures VideoThose of you who have seen us live this summer already know this one – it’s one of our favourites in all its desperate glory. We hope the song – and the visuals – will take you to a place that is out of your control. Thank you for listening.

Self-styled apocalyptic post punks, GRAVE PLEASURES, were formed from the remains of the break up of BEASTMILK, who were one of the most talked-about bands in recent times. Their “painful war-cry of the eternally doomed,” as one journalist described it, resonated with fans of all music genres. BEASTMILK’s 2013 debut album “Climax” received rave reviews across the board. Metalheads, indie kids and gothic punks were all dancing to the funeral drum as the Finnish band spearheaded a new wave of rock music.

2015 marked the end of an era – and the beginning of a new – as the remaining members of the band BEASTMILK split with guitarist Johan “Goatspeed” Snell early in the year. The remainder of the group took on the name GRAVE PLEASURES, and embarked on a musical journey sure to surpass any previous efforts.

“I am an alien on my own planet looking at things from the outside in with no escape and no way out it’s hard to find a sense of what is really real”

Dreamcrash 4th Sept 2015

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