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Two years after the release of their third, most highly acclaimed full-length record “The Eldritch Dark” and several successfull live rituals – including their performance at the 2014 edition of German Freak Valley Festival and a European tour with Swedish Garage Rockers SPIDERS, Canada’s finest BLOOD CEREMONY now announce a new album to be out in early 2016. “The Eldritch Dark”was released via Rise Above Records/Metal Blade in May, 2013, to great response from both critics and fans alike.

Blood Ceremony 2016by Ester Segarra

In the wake of its release, the band joined KYLESA on a six-week North American tour. After co-headlining Rise Above Records’ 25th anniversary show in London, UK, the band released a 7″ titled “Let it Come Down“.

BLOOD CEREMONY’s distinct style of flute-tinged witch rock evolves from an infernal marriage of occult-inspired acid folk and vintage hard-rock riffing. After a mind-numbing study of hundreds of trashy witchcraft films, the group began to pour their energies into crafting songs, transforming their fascination for horror into a profane musical vision.

Their sound bears witness to the heavy bands of yesteryear, fusing progressive rock elements with folk and an early ’70s downer vibe. Invoking the mischievous Pipes of Pan, BLOOD CEREMONY songs are distinguished by singer Alia O’Brien’s flute solos – accenting an instrument long-associated with a list of devilish figures.