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Purson 2016

Purson preparing for a chat with Marc Riley at BBC6

Due to as of yet unnamed circumstances, UK-based five-piece Purson has to postpone their recently announced tour dates in continental Europe that were set for April. Yesterday, the band published the following statement on their official Facebook page: “We’ve unfortunately had to postpone the European dates of the upcoming tour. All the UK dates remain as they were, with the addition of Southend. Do not fear, we will be back on the continent soon enough! Please share this updated poster for anyone who has yet to buy their tickets!”

A clear deja-vu to anyone who was hoping to see the stellar sound machine live on their short-lived road encounter alongside Swedish Rockers Spiritual Beggars in 2013. Back then, Purson became victim of some shady garage employes – to say the least – and after just half of the originally planned eight shows, forced to return to British shores.

Apart from the Desire’s Magic Theatre European Tour, Purson will return to the US in the end of April. Please check below for all confirmed or remaining dates!