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A new depth a dark is about to rise upon the centre of the European shores as the renowned event & promotion organisation Occult Sabbath will join forces with the new entity called Feverdance Rituals. Both Germany-based and with a unique yet mutual artistic focus, this unholy matrimony is a perfect match. Their initial summoning will be part of the “Black Sea Of Power Tour 2016“. Third partner in crime, Heavy Nova Presents, produces a vast variety of shows and is best known for covering  several Genres all under the DIY-banner.

Occult Sabbath - Feverdance Rituals

Occult Sabbath VII // Feverdance Ritual II // Heavy Nova

Occult Sabbath started in 2012 and has gone far and beyond, presenting music but also fine arts, with events in Germany and Belgium. Feverdance Rituals was spawned in late 2015 and seen its birth on October 17th. An illustrious evening, gathering some of the finest new bands of the Occult Rock & Black/Doom Metal scene like Shrine of Insanabilis as well as a hand selected art exhibition. Handing out wooden rosaries  – all handmade pieces of work by German artist Soth Arts – to all musicians and crew members, Feverdance Rituals clearly know how to do things with style.

Alongside Swedish headliner Saturnalia Temple will be German Heavy Metal Act Attic as well as labelmates and compatriots Path Of Samsara – both part of the Ván Records family. And to give the ritual a tough of magic, you may gather around the Witch and hail the Oath of Doom, as Belgian Doomsters Bathsheba – fronted by former Serpentcult & Death Penalty vocalist Michelle Nocon – will give the honor this night.  Taking place on March 5th, 2016 at Resonanzwerk, Oberhausen, this will be a most solemn finale for the “Black Sea Of Power Tour 2016”. 



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