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Reverent as it is prophetic and stark, King Dude has previously shared his spiritual visions with releases on Dais, Avant!, Bathetic, Clan Destine, and Ván records. Pulling together the biblical sound and isolation of the bygone days of revelation with an atmosphere filled with hope and salvation, King Dude has woven his own brand of American music.

He brandishes many varied influences in his songwriting. Everything from British Folk, Americana, Country and Blues can be heard in his songs. Even the heavier sounds of Heavy Metal tend to sneak and slither it’s way into the King Dude canon. The resulting songs are much more of a modern-day hymn than your average Pop song.

His music begs the soul to lift itself up from the darkness of ignorance, towards the ever shining glorious “Light” that exists outside of all of us yet that which we are eternally connected to and at once connects everyone on Earth.

King DudePhoto by: David Fitt

Joining in this intimate event, is Bochum-based four-piece Sweet Ermengarde, Gothic Rock in its original incarnation – distinctive parallels to the sound of bands like Fields Of The Nephilim, And Also The Trees and early The Mission are detectable. But Sweet Ermengarde are no mere retro line-up, even if in particular British music from the 1980s is echoed in their music. They rather transpose their roots into modernism and thus manage to create a contemporary sound. The result is atmospherical dense, with mournful reverberate guitars, epic soundscapes and a tight rhythm section. This stunning mixture is reigned by the characteristic dark timbre in the haunting voice of singer Daniel.

Convince yourself by listening to the band’s debut attempt “Raynham Hall”, which was released via Équinoxe Records on 14 June 2013. In essence, “Raynham Hall” is a crafted piece of atmospheric and spineshivering Gothic Rock which affects your moods till the point that an occasional rapture can occur. It soon becomes clear, that Sweet Ermengarde is a band you should be keeping an eye on in the future.

Special guest to be announced.

This is a very up close and personal show. Band will be performing at eye level. Tickets are strictly limited to 200 tickets. Pre-Sale will start in June.

Presented by Heavy Nova Presents and Black Chrome Productions


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