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Founded in 2013 by Guitarists Cioffi and Grim, Basel-based Stoner/Doom-Rockers DRAIN would not waste any time before hitting the stage that same year, with bassist Dari singing. After their original drummer left, a replacement, Peter from Hamburg, was soon tobe found. Entering 2015, the band presented a new logo and their enchanting new vocalist, Welsh singer Grace Sanders – a former student of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts – who commutes between the Swiss mountains and British Isles.

DRAINPromo picture by David Halter

The new lineup had their debut supporting the mighty Christian Mistress. After several local shows and taking part in a charity event supporting the Tibetan Youth Association in Europe, DRAIN played a first show in (southern) Germany earlier this year. Their influences are quite obvious, as the members of DRAIN are fans of The Devil’s Blood, Jex Thoth, Blood Ceremony, Purson, Jess And The Ancient Ones, Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats, Electric Wizard and more. But why hide your roots instead of hailing them – and this is exactly what the music of this five-piece does.

You best keep a keen eye and ear on this band, proving that there’s a lot more to go about than chocolate in Switzerland.


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