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Hailing from Canadian city of Toronto, Völur was started in the Summer of 2013 by Lucas Gadke (Blood Ceremony) and Laura C. Bates (Fresh Snow) and aims to re-awaken the ancient trance. Jimmy P. Lightning (Do Make Say Think) joined in February of 2014 shortly before our second show. World domination follows shortly after.

Drawing from folk melodies, heathen spirituality and trance-inducing doom, Völur weave a hypnotic web of chthonic noise on the yawning gap of silence. A deep sound that moves through melodies, riffs and timbres slowly as a seeress chants rites for souls long past. Would you know more?

VölurPhoto by Danielle Griscti, the seeress behind Fixed in Silver Photography

With a name deriving from “völva,” a seeress in Norse folklore, Völur are not the kind of band to fulfill faux-pagan longings, neither thematically nor musically. Although they originate from Canada, the group is fascinated by European history. They delve deep into the wide array of Germanic myth, drawing freely from a keen interest in the everyday life of their pre-Christian ancestors, their relation to culture at large and its spirituality. How those people actually lived and practiced their beliefs is scarcely known, the less so since they were bound rather locally and had a very subjective worldview differing from one place to another. Hence for the band members, the Pagan European past becomes a blank canvas upon which they put their own vibrant imagination into music.

Völur SignIn April 2016, Völur announced their signing with German record label Prophecy Productions, who will re-release their debut “Disir” on June 24th 2016. Additionally Völur will play at renowned Prophecy Festival at Balver Höle, paving their way to world domination with their first ever appearance on European grounds just one day before headlining Psychorizon’s fifth anniversary!


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