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The mesmerizing antics of a ginger siren have been known to the mortal realm long before Canadian chanteuse Loreena McKennitt or US-artist Tori Amos made their way into the musical world. Now UK Doomstres Darkher proves that there is light to be found in the darkness of one of Metal’s more extreme paths. After leaving ‘The Kingdom Field’ – her 2014 EP – we follow West Yorkshire-based singer-songwriter Jayn H. Wissenberg on nine new tracks deep into the depths of her soul. Led  only by her voice and profound, yet offish riffage, we find ourselves in a somewhat fairy-esque place of dripping percussions and drums. Our surroundings are fragile and frail as the voice of our enchanting guide.

Taking off with the introductory “Spirit Waker”, the sphery overture “Hollow Veil” opens the gates to a dream-like otherworld. Slow-ridden string-works, the echoes of this one-woman choir and the irresistible rhythm section puts one right into place. The reward for enduring the onset of action will follow immediately with the soothing, yet gloomy ballad that is “Moth”. The third part of this maiden voyage is called “Wars” and seems to arouse the fighter in us all, with a more nautical-themed atmosphere and belligerent sticks attacking the toms like a call-to-war, but no worries, Darkher won’t turn into a marching band at all. Midway through the way within ‘Realms’, all is calm again and the crystal-clear mezzo-soprano that is one Miss Wissenberg, is accompanied only by her undistorted guitar and a dreary soundscape. “The Dawn Brings A Saviour” might be a false promise with the four remaining steps taking a threatening turn towards a bisected burial, featuring some fuzz-induced axes and additional strings. Our journey ends on a most lonesome lamentation and so this love story of all things obscure finds closure for now and gives me hope for more tales of darkness.

With the release of her first full-length record, Darkher are part of a kind of new wave of female fronted Metal (as much as I abhor this term!) that has spawned some brilliant musicians like Amalie Bruun aka Myrkur, whose new EP ‘Mausoleum’ is being released today. Crossing genre-boundaries with such ease, Jayn H. Wissenberg and her moniker Darkher are set to rise to fame beyond this scene. ‘Realms’ is also due out today via German label Prophecy Productions.


1. Spirit Waker (2:04)

2. Hollow Veil (5:29)

3. Moths (5:10)

4. Wars (6:24)

5. The Dawn Brings A Saviour (3:54)

6. Buried Pt. I (2:11)

7. Buried Pt. II (5:49)

8. Foregone (7:27)

9. Lament (6:31)

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