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 – Yorck Segatz for Psychorizon –

Returning with an exquisite new 7”, Grave Pleasures will treat you with two pieces of ear candy, while waiting for their new record. This two-track vinyl of the apocalyptic Postpunkers proves that the latest lineup is a class act all of its own. Fans already know that Swedish guitarist Linnéa Olsson left the band about half a year ago, turning it into a mere Finish affair again. And also former In Solitude drummer Uno Bruniusson is no longer part of the (funeral) party: “I will sure miss seeing the wonderful people of Grave Pleasures as often as I did during the making and touring of the Dreamcrash incident. It was a very intense period, filled with tons of great memories. I’ll store them deeply as I go about. Its time for me to say goodbye to the band and make room for someone new that is willing to open a new chapter of the band and I wish them all the best with that. I want to direct a big thanks to Valtteri, Mat, Linnéa, Juho, all the allies behind the veil and everyone who took time to listen to our music and came out to our shows!”

Fortunately, the reformed group, featuring British vocalist Mat McNerney, who now lives in Helsinki, remains as creative as ever. The A-Side contains the most catchy “Deadenders”, which is already available in a powerful retro-style lyric video. Lyrical themes evolve around the end of the world of course, which will have us dance the Falloutpogo, as Mat advises us with his wonderfully striking voice.

The B-Side presents a slightly more moderate tune. This gem of a song is called “Cold War Funeral” and turns out to be a melancholy mushroom cloud, letting us swing once again.

Produced by John Davis, who has also worked with Lana Del Rey, the two tracks are the next step in the evolution of former Beastmilk. Specially the vocals have changed a lot compared to the 2015-album “Dreamcrash”. Embetted a bit deeper into the mix, they have not lost their intensity and the light Danzig timbre.

In addition to a download via bandcamp, Mat’s own label Secret Trees has a strictly limited 7 “version, each 300 black and 200 yellow.

“Funeral Party” tracklist:

“Deadenders” (3:56)

“Cold War Funeral” (4:21)

grave-pleasures-funeral-partyGrave Pleasures:

Mat McNerney – Vocals

Juho Vanhanen – Lead Guitar

Rainer Tuomikanto – Drums

Aleksi Kiiskilä – Guitar

Valtteri Arino – Bass Guitar