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Led by the gaspy howls of charismatic vocalist Kristina Esfandiari, San Francisco’s King Woman unveil their debut full-length “Created In The Image of Suffering”, a profoundly crafted opus of brooding, ethereal doom-rock. With the hypnotic and breathy vocal dramatics of Kristina Esfandiari, King Woman harness the elastic textures and temporality of drone and metallic shoegaze alongside the transcendental, melancholic power of doom. Recorded with engineer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Wreck & Reference, Oathbreaker) at the Atomic Garden, “Created In The Image of Suffering”‘s seven compositions evoke rich, gloomy imagery with crumbling washes of blurred, billowing distortion densely layered atop hazy, psychedelic atmospheres that call to mind a surrealistic Black Sabbath fronted by Mazzy Star. Complete with deeply personal, introspective lyrics that serve as catharsis for years of religious and mental torment, King Woman truly suffer to create their art.

king-woman-2016Photo: Rob Williamson

Kristina Esfandiari originally formed King Woman back in 2009, but the band had taken a backseat to her other projects at the time like Miserable and Whirr (with whom she played with from 2012 to 2013), where she found her confidence from a vigorous touring schedule of playing stage shows, floor shows, and everything in between. “Created In The Image of Suffering” is due out on February 24, 2017 via Relapse Records. The single “Utopia” is out now.


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