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2016 started off with a rare moment as I had the first and unfortunately final chance the see Grave Pleasures in their best lineup, featuring Swedish guitarist Linnéa Olsson and former In Solitude drummer Uno Bruniusson. The now newly formed band was touring alongside Tribulation in January and gladly played a brilliant show at TuRock, Essen – not shying away from including several tunes from their former incarnation Beastmilk. Later this year I was lucky enough to see Tribulation again at Rock Hard Festival.

grave-pleasures-linneaLiz Buckingham’s long-lost Swedish twin-sister – Linnéa Olsson

But before the outdoor season started, one of many indoor festivals caught my attention and had me attending – attempted pun intended – the second edition of Ván Records’ very own Acherontic Arts Festival which took place in early May. Gathering the brightest shining gems of his artist roster, Sven clearly knows his way around a brilliant billing. Urfaust, Gold, the recently disbanded Path Of Samsara, The Ruins Of Beverast, to name but a few. My personal highlights have to be King Dude, who gave me all those emotions, from goosebumps, to shivers to tears and the outstanding performance of Germany’s very own (D O L C H) – leaving me speechless and that rarely ever happens!

Feel the dagger – (D O L C H)

And then there was this: Rock Hard Festival – the only event I’ve been at almost every year since 2004. Second time watching Tribulation and for the first time in a while I could finally catch up with Kadavar again. Great to see these guys, that I’ve been a fan of and working with in a past life, making their way towards the big stages. This year also saw a premier, as I officially teamed up with Queen Of Spades Photography – run by my good friend and talented photographer Susan – to cover the mandatory reports. In August it was finally time to look back the first five years of Psychorizon with a little festival. Four bands from three countries gathered at a local youth club to celebrate with me and my friends, fans, readers and the audience for one night. Even though only a handful of folks actually came around to enjoy the event, there shall be more live action to go about in the future. Special thanks to those who joined the party, my catering chef Cati and all members of the most brilliant opening act ArieZ, Swiss Stoner crew Drain and of course my amazing Canadian headliner Völur. Couldn’t have done it without you, thanks so much! Spread the love and hope to see you all soon again!!!

Vocalist Nils becomes one with the music & his microphone

And last but certainly not least, another most memorable night featured Ghost Bath and Thränenkind, who played at Helvete, Oberhausen on August 28th. While the main part of the audience was eagerly waiting to see the headliner, all I wanted was to finally see the band that created my personal favourite album of the year. Due to some scheduling difficulties, bass player Matthias and vocalist Nils had to borrow some stand-in musicians and still managed to deliver a stunning show. Hope they’ll return to my area again soon!

European Summer 2016Energetic Anarchy: Matthias the bass-machine!

This year has been a crazy ride and I’m really looking forward to all the adventures the next one will bring – hope we’ll all make it a good one.

See you all in 2017