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For those who have been actively following Psychorizon throughout the year and kept checking facebook on a regular basis, my top pic will be no surprise at all. I’ve announced this to be the album of the year for me as early as June 24th and even though Oathbreaker came close to becoming first choice, Thränenkind eventually made it. One of the most arguable bands of 2016 – alongside another favourite of mine, Myrkur – some self-proclaimed critics only know the name, but not the music. Their most recent release ‘King Apathy” came into my life at the exact right moment and I felt like someone created a soundtrack for my life or put my emotions into music. So how could I possibly chose any other for my album of the year?

Thränenkind came to be in 2007 near Munich in the South of Germany. The members share interests in the ideas of anarchism, veganism and anticapitalism. Some of them are straight edge. Their lyrics broach the issues of the relationship between humanity and nature, interpersonal relations, human society, anarchism and the endless longing for freedom. The band name could be translated as “child of tears” and was chosen as contrast to the “grim” and “cliché” names in black metal.

Having released a demo (2008)a split-CD with Heretoir and a debut album, “The Elk”. 2016 saw the spawning of their second full-length release “King Apathy” which is also out on Lifeforce Records, just like its predecessor. “King Apathy” presents the next step in the evolution of this band towards a slightly “cleaner” and more forwarding sound. Not lacking any of the harshness of the early recordings.

thranenkind-king-apathy“King Apathy” is available to order and stream via bandcamp.