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With their third full-length, Dutch quintet GOLD further establishes its focus on form and content, where their instruments are mere means to express – this contemporary rock band is heavy because of the songs, not because of the sound.

The songwriting core of GOLD exists of guitarist Thomas Sciarone (ex-The Devil’s Blood) and singer Milena Eva. Longtime friends Igor Wouters and Harm Haverman provide a rock steady yet adventurous foundation and new kid on the block Nick Polak completes the bunch with his talent for harmony and melody. On “Interbellum” GOLD have clearly crafted their own style with elements not unfamiliar to man. Milena Eva sets herself apart from other singers in modern rock music with her warm and soulful voice. She’s supported by a heavy rocking band whose effect is undeniable, but so is their joy in playing. Together they form an ambitious force that is eager to share its music with the crowds.

After the artistic success of 2015’s “No Image” – which united journalists, musicians, music lovers and even a pro-wrestler in its appraisal – GOLD returns with its successor. Together with producer Randall Dunn (a.o. Sunn O))), Earth, Ash Borer, Marissa Nadler), GOLD have put their angular drive, their blackened guitar textures, and the composed yet vulnerable vocal delivery of Milena Eva in an even broader context. GOLD have created an almost unlimited space for their unique unity of beauty and cruelty to crush and confuse even more.

Within her lyrics Milena Eva lays bare her insecurities, internal struggles and self-doubt, as a means to reach out and connect. To ultimately inspire acceptance and love of the self, of the known and of the alien. To resist the apathy as expressed in the album’s first lyric – ‘Binge-watching the world collapse’ – and to include. With their nonconformist outsider approach, which the New York Times strikingly defined as “serenely intense… near-metal”, GOLD has managed to find a previously uninhabited spot that is truly their own. To achieve this in the heart of such a densely populated musical landscape, rather than at its outskirts, is the exciting result of intense years of performing and self-reflection.

“Optimist” is an adventurous confirmation of GOLD’s reputation as an enthralling band, on stage and on record and will be presented to European audiences in March & April at the following dates displayed on the flyer.


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