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Inhale heavy riffs, obey the witch and stare in the eternal black void of ‘Servus’! Released one week and two days ago, this is not only a good reason to take a closer look at the debut full-length of Belgian Doomsters Bathsheba, but also to celebrate my first encounter with the wonderful Michelle Nocon. ‘Servus’ much notably and rightfully has gained a massive media echo and shall pave the way for further touring efforts outside their native territory.

bathsheba-burning-moonPhoto by Burning Moon

‘Servus’ is a very spiritual album. It’s about deep feelings and experiences that are very abstract. There are other feelings like ‘saudade’ which is also very deep and hard to grasp for some people, but they are more concrete. ‘Servus’ is about things that are hardly on earth anymore. During the process of ‘Servus’ I had a lot of dialogues with myself, I went through a lot of weird things, also demonology related somehow, as the talented vocalist recalls about the progress of creating the album, which was released on February 24th, 2017 by Svart Records. And while they were only just an opening act at the joint venture of Occult Sabbath and Feverdance Rituals, it certainly will only be a matter of time till the four-piece will do a headlining tour. Being amongst those who have been chosen to appear at prestigious Roadburn Festival and sharing stages with the likes of legendary Coven & Jinx Dawson, Chelsea Wolfe, Oathbreaker, King Woman or True Widow, to name but a few, will clearly up the ante for them. If you’re not yet fully convinced of the greatness of Bathsheba and ‘Servus’, you might give yourself and the band a chance by streaming the album in its entirety via German Rock Hard Magazine!

bathsheba-burning-moon-iiShe-Wolf And The Faceless Ghouls: Bathsheba MMXVII – by Burning Moon

09/03 Amsterdam (NL) – OT301

30/03 Brussels (B) – Botanique (CD Release)

01/04 Genk (B) – Hammer Of Thor Fest

20/04 Tilburg (NL) – Roadburn Fest

28/05 Leuven (B) – JH Sojo

24/06 Antwerp (B) – Rodeo Fest

01/07 Bradford (UK) – Dragonfest V

21/10 Leeuwarden (NL) Into The Void


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