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Hailing from the south of England, Crimson Throne seem to be coming out of nowhere yet causing quite a stir amongst critics already. With currently only 245 Facebook fans, these black metal newcomers take their influences from a variety of mid-90’s Scandinavian bands, while at the same time forging an atmospheric dimension reminiscent of later developments within the genre. Their eponymous debut EP it out today via Apocalyptic Witchcraft and Secret Law in the UK and Red River Family in the US. The 4 tracks are reeking of cold and foreboding black metal, elucidating themes inspired by world-historical figures and events from antiquity. Crimson Throne was initially formed as recording project, but has since recruited individuals to begin a live campaign.

“The lyrics on the EP draw influence from world-historical events and individuals, and how we moderns are to both comprehend them, and to cope with their effects. They deal with questions of value and its contingency, pessimism, despair, and creative acts of will manifested by figures from antiquity. In particular, the lyrics are inspired by the decay of the Roman Empire; the exploits of Cesare Borgia, Sargon II, Hannibal Barca; and medieval practices of torture. Each song considers such events and ideas in light of one’s coming to terms with the recurring historical theme of human violence, cruelty, domination, and the Hegelian conception of history as a “slaughter-bench, “ as the band was quoted in a write-up published on Decibel Magazine just a week ago. Prior to that the second track from the EP – Praetorian March – has already been presented on Terrorizer.

As for myself: Though I am clearly too young to have actively experienced the 90s black metal scene, the mere fact that Crimson Throne offer their debut attempt on both black and white tapes , is a statement in its very own right. Tape trading has been a huge thing in the final decade of the past millennium and bands specially from the black and death metal scene keep referring to it up to this day. A most nostalgic approach of just how huge the impact of tape trading has been back then is displayed in Icelandic movie Málmhaus (Metalhead) in 2013. Having their music put on cassettes might not be the next genre defining (or defying) revolution.  And with yet three labels in the background this story differs from the original DIY-spirit of home recording your own band or creating a mixed tape of your favourites. Still it is a step towards a certain simplicity and a great way to honour the obvious roots.

Crimson Throne EP tracklist:
1 – Forgotten Nobility
2 – Praetorian March
3 – Fog of War
4 – Shadows of Ruin