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Early on in promoting their About Time Tour 2017, Swedish Classic Hard Rockers Horisont announced a first date as sold out. What to expect from a show in a rather tiny venue, selling out on a Saturday night to host the third day of their European leg with special guests ’77 and Black Mirrors: Nothing but one of the best live packages of early 2017, maybe the entire year.

Starting off with a slight delay of about ten minutes and a strict curfew to be done by 10pm sharp, opening act Black Mirrors enters the small stage of Pitcher – Rock’n’Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf. The Belgian four-piece offers a great blend of groove enthused Garage Rock, taking influences from Janis Joplin, Jack White, Anouk, Nirvana and Queens Of The Stone Age, this is pure, raw entertainment. Guitarist Pierre Lateur gives in to the power of the moment as if there was no tomorrow, laying on his back, bending his knees as much as the strings on his white stratocaster. While vocalist Marcella Di Troia impresses the audience with her vigorous and well-trained voice, looking like a younger version or younger sister of Jex Thoth. Their self-titled debut EP has been released on March 3rd via Napalm Records and with songs like the funktastic “Funky Queen” a full-length record is only a matter of time.

Won’t You Take Me To Funky Town?

With both founding members, brothers Valeta well in their 30s and their minds set somewhere in the 70s, Spanish Powerhouse ’77 saw quite a rejuvenation right after I’ve last seen them in early 2013. Adding youngsters Guillem Martinez and Andy Cobo to the lineup, the new face of the band is vivid and rough. Though Armands lead vocals seem a bit frail at first, each member delivers all the way through from the introductory part to the final tone. My personal fave “High Decibels” comes in second and as I changed my position from stage left to merch right, this proves to come in handy mid through the set, as lead guitarist LG climbs up the bar the present his entertainment skills. No need to warm up the audience for the main act with sweat literally dripping from the ceiling, ’77 take the title of their most current record literal as there is no stopping them – “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” released 30.10.2015 via Century Media. And no need to compare this act with AC/DC during the Bon Scott era, as they rock and roll a niche entirely of their own.

On Your Knees And Play!

A century into their career, Horisont take the headlining position serious enough to choose tracks from all phases of the past ten years. Epic timelessness flows from tracks such as “Electrical” off their most recent release “About Time” (out on 03.02.2017 on Century Media) or “Writings On The Wall” & “Diamonds In Orbit”, both off “Time Warriors” (out on 27.09.2013 via Metal Blades Records). The night clearly peaks with the uptempo masterpiece “Break The Limit” from the fourth full-length “Odyssey” (out on 18.09.2015 through Rise Above Records), that has main parts of the crowd singing along with the chorus. But my personal highlights are the two beautiful bluesy pieces from their debut “Två Sidor Av Horisonten” (out on 25.09.2009 on Crusher Records) “Nightrider” and my all-time fave “The Unseen”. Needless to say that the with its current incarnation featuring vocalist Axel, guitarists Charles and David, bassist Magnus and drummer Pontus, the band is as strong as ever.

All pictures courtesy of Queen Of Spades Photograpy!



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