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No better way to celebrate the midweek, than having of Psychorizon’s all-time favourite bands revealing a full run of tour dates, kicking off their live shenanigans at one of the most renowned venues of my town: Zeche Carl in Essen! The following statement has been posted by the band on their facebook page:

Good morning everybody. We’ve got some good news we wanted to share with you. As you may know we are currently working on our next album which will be released in september. And what else can you do when you are done with work in the studio? You take your good Dutch friends Death Alley and come to your town to celebrate with you.
There will be another band announced soon.

We realized that we have missed many of your faces on our last years autumn tour and we were shocked about the ticket prices too. We have decided that this is not the way we want to go again. so we’ve talked to the promoters and people involved to reduce the ticket price by about 10 euros to give everybody the chance to come and party with us again. Because this is the reason we’re all doing this.



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